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The Vegetarian Option: Hampton Chutney Co.

New York Laura Togut 1 comment

Hampton Chutney Co.'s dosas come with fillings both traditional and otherwise, but whichever you're in the mood for, it's a great place to grab a bite when you're in either SoHo or the Upper West Side. Just beware of long lines and lack of seats—like I said, this place is an institution. More

Street Food: N.Y. Dosas

New York Madison Priest 2 comments

[Photos: Madison Priest] In food cart terms, N.Y. Dosas is practically a relic. Thiru Kumar, the owner and "Dosa Man," has been running this all-vegan cart for eight years now. "I wanted to do something different," he told me,... More

Larkspur, California: Table Café for Gourmet Dosas and Chutneys

Citizen Taco 2 comments

Across the Golden Gate Bridge, nestled into a small Marin County version of a strip mall, a little-known restaurant called Table Café is doing something even better: gourmet dosas. Anyone familiar with South Indian cuisine knows how delicious these rice and lentil flour crepes can be. At Table Café, they make a softer, more moist dosa wrap and stuff it with any number of fillings, like smoked wild salmon with grilled frisee and aioli, or lamb meatballs with cabbage and tahini. More

Street Food Profiles: Dosa Truck in Los Angeles

Esther Hahn 5 comments

This week on Street Food Profiles we scoot to Los Angeles to chat with the Dosa Truck, which sells the namesake South Indian sourdough crepes made from lentil and rice flour, as well as samosas, masala fries, and mango lassis. More

Adventures in South Indian Breakfast: Dosa, Medu Vada, and More At Saravanaas

New York Carey Jones Post a comment

I’m a huge fan of the dosa—the enormous South Indian crepe, glistening with buttery ghee, made particularly popular in New York by the “Dosa Man” in Washington Square Park. Only recently, however, did I realize that the dosa is... More

Staring Down the Eye of a Tiffin Wallah Dosa

New York Zach Brooks 3 comments

I couldn't resist posting this dosa photo from my Saturday brunch at Tiffin Wallah this past weekend. While vegetarians and fans of southern Indian food may see a tasty treat, I couldn't help but dream about what it would... More

Jersey Dispatch: Dosas Get Their 15 Minutes at Woodlands on Oak Tree Road

New York BrianYarvin 4 comments

"In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes." - Andy Wharhol "On Oak Tree Road, every restaurant will be good for fifteen minutes." - Me Oak Tree Road runs from South Plainfield (where it´s actually known as... More

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