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How a Bottlenose Dolphin Butchers a Cuttlefish

Images by Julian Finn et al, from New Scientist Who needs knives or cleavers when you can butcher with your snout? Researchers in Australia have observed a bottlenose dolphin kill, cut, and bone a cuttlefish by using its nose to pin the cuttlefish to the ground, shake it to release its ink, and then drag it along the rough sea floor to break its bone. [via kottke.org]... More

Dolphin: Friend or Food?

"The sounds of waves crashing onto a rocky shore mingle in Taiji with the screeching wails of dolphins being chopped and hacked to death by fishermen." Residents of Taiji, Japan have been eating dolphin for over a century, but social pressures and high levels of mercury challenge their culture of dolphin-eating.... More

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