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Snapshots from Italy: Truffle Hunting (With a Dog!) in San Pietro de Avellana

Carey Jones 6 comments

This is Faina. She's a mutt, part setter, part black lab. Her name means "hyena" in Italian, but she's mellow as can be. And she can smell truffles up to a meter under the ground. Spoiler alert: If you're wondering "Is this just an excuse for another dog slideshow?" the answer is an unequivocal YES. More

Videos: Birds Feeding Dogs

Robyn Lee 3 comments

This is a thing: birds feeding dogs. (And by "thing" I mean I found it featured in at least four videos on YouTube.) Let the inter-species cooperation warm your heart. More

Serious Eats YouTube Playlist: Hambone (And Other Animals) Eating Mashed Potatoes

The Serious Eats Team 5 comments

What to do with leftovers from an instant mashed potatoes taste test: feed them to Hambone. (Not all of them, just a few spoonfuls.) Watch Hambone lick away potatoes like never before in our playlist of dogs and cats eating mashed potatoes. Subscribe to the Serious Eats channel to get updated about our new videos. More

Serious Eats YouTube Playlist: Dogs Eating Yogurt

The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

After shooting a video Hambone eating yogurt, we poked around to see how many other people shot videos of their dogs eating yogurt. Answer: Way too many. And thus we watched way too many videos of dogs eating yogurt. Check out our favorites in the playlist here, or visit the playlist's page at YouTube. More

Video: Dumpling Eating Peanut Butter

Robyn Lee 16 comments

"Can Dumpling eat peanut butter?" This question was posed multiple times in our office during our peanut butter taste test. My answer: Hell yes. We've already shown that dogs + peanut butter = fun times for everyone. Of course, with Dumpling it's even more fun. More

Watch this Dog Steal Pizza from the Fridge

Slice Adam Kuban 3 comments

The only way this could be any more cute would be if he closed the door afterward.


Video: Two Dogs Dining

Robyn Lee 9 comments

We've posted videos of dogs eating with humans hands before, but this video of two dogs using napkins and utensils in a "restaurant" while waiting for their drinks (that never come) made me laugh more than the others. More

Happy Birthday, Dumpling!

J. Kenji López-Alt 33 comments

It's the little Dumpster's big 0-1 today, so we decided to celebrate by popping on our paper hats, letting him run riot in the office a little bit more than usual, and treating him to his very own birthday burrito! More

Video: French Bulldog Eating

Robyn Lee 19 comments

Driven by a bout of Dumpling withdrawal (you know, this Dumpling, not that dumpling), I searched YouTube for videos of French bulldogs eating. And while no one can replace our bug-eyed Dumpling, I'm content watching this cute French bulldog named Anko eat cabbage, natto, and apple slices. More

Videos: Dogs Who Want Turkey

Robyn Lee 2 comments

I couldn't find many videos of dogs eating Thanksgiving turkey, but I found a few videos of dogs acting like they wanted to eat Thanksgiving turkey. ...Aw. More

A Dog's View of Throwing Up: Infinite Food

Robyn Lee 32 comments

"She actually seemed to like throwing up. To the simple dog, throwing up was like some magical power that she never knew she possessed - the ability to create infinite food." More

Video: Cats and Dogs Eating Peanut Butter

Robyn Lee 6 comments

Thank you, pet owner who decided to stick two dogs and four cats of utmost cuteness in a pen, feed them peanut butter off tongue depressors, and film it. Everybody wins. More

Video: Cats and Dogs Licking Honeydew Popsicles

Robyn Lee 4 comments

Honeydew-flavored popsicles are a great summer treat for humans and pets. But pets look a lot cuter when they eat them, hence the following 42 seconds of Monday-improving awesomeness. More

Video: Pomeranian Puppy Really Wants Food

Robyn Lee 16 comments

One night I was browsing YouTube for videos of pomeranian puppies (yeah, that's how I roll) and while clicking deeper into the world of hypnotizingly adorable sentient poofballs this video stood out for starring a puppy (hypnotizing level: 11 out of 10) who, driven by a container of food, excitedly yips, paws at the table, and nudges its nose closer to the food. Make sure you reach the 58 second mark—it's special. More

Videos: Dogs Eating Ice Cream Cones

Sweets Robyn Lee 9 comments

There are tons of videos of dogs eating ice cream cones on YouTube. And for good reason—dogs eating ice cream cones are adorable. In honor of July being National Ice Cream Month, here's a selection of such videos for your amusement More

Animals Eating Friday: Dumpling the Dog Eating a Dumpling

Erin Zimmer 30 comments

Meet Dumpling. He is Kenji's three-month-old French bulldog, and perhaps the most ridiculously adorable (no, adorable is not strong enough) bundle of fur. Everyone at Serious Eats world headquarters has been obsessed with this creature since the day we met him. Aww, look at his face! It's so smooshed! And his one ear sticking up! And his pouchy stomach—so dumpling-esque! Since his name is Dumpling and all, we couldn't not film him eating a dumpling. More

My Pie Monday: Dhorst's Broccoli and Tomato Grilled Pizza

Slice Adam Kuban 7 comments

Ah ha! I was wondering how long it would be after posting the grilled pizza how-to that we'd start seeing some GP My Pie Mondays. Certified PIzza Obsessive® dhorst submits the first of what I hope will be many! For lunch today I made a grilled broccoli and tomato pizza. I made sure to do the all-important mise en place before I headed outside: The broccoli tossed in olive oil hit the grill first. I stretched the dough, oiled it and threw it on a 600°F grill and closed the lid.... More

Video: Corgi Dancing for Kibble

Robyn Lee 7 comments

What's that frantic pitter-pattering you hear? It's the sound of Sparky the corgi flailing his paws in the throes of kibble-derived excitement! More

Is Your Pet Named After a Food (or Food Critic)?

Erin Zimmer 158 comments

A few weeks ago, my friend sent around an email asking for help naming her new dog. Some names that were tossed around: Pork chop...Burrito...Kumquat. My vote went to Burrito, hands down (paws down?). But they decided to go with another name—a name that's not even a food, but a food critic. Bruni, as in Frank Bruni. I knew they read the former New York Times critic's reviews every Wednesday morning, religiously, but wow. Anyone else have a pet with a food-related name? More

Videos: Cats and Dogs Eating Mashed Potatoes

Robyn Lee 11 comments

I was originally going to post just one video of a cat eating mashed potatoes. But you know that saying: "One video of a cat eating mashed potatoes is never enough." So, apropos of nothing (besides that it's Friday and that means I'm allowed to post videos of animals eating), here are five videos of cats and dogs eating mashed potatoes. More

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