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No Dog on the Menu in Beijing

Go-to Chinese food expert Fuchsia Dunlop reported in the New York Times today on how dog meat will be taken off Beijing menus at the government's insistence, so as not to offend Western sensibilities. She points out that it was hardly a necessary step, as dog is largely a seasonal thing—it's one of the hottest of "hot" meats, according to Chinese folk dietetics and is "best eaten in midwinter, when you need warmth and vital energy." Furthermore, she says that Chinese attitudes toward the dish are changing as more people there are keeping dogs as pets. Related Former Next Top Model Elyse Sewell Eats Dog Stew in Seoul Talking with Fuchsia Dunlop Fuchsia Dunlop, General Tso, and Me... More

Former 'Next Top Model' Elyse Sewell Eats Dog Stew in Seoul

elysesewell.livejournal.com Elyse Sewell, the third-place winner from the first season of America's Next Top Model, is now modeling in Seoul, South Korea, where she keeps an entertaining, well-written blog that often has entries on her food adventures. Her readers recently dared her to try bosintang. That would be dog soup. She met them head on: I was expecting the dog meat to be indistinguishable from beef or pork. It wasn't: this stuff was decidedly doggy, like, it had a sort of dogfur aroma and flavor to it. The soup also had a lot of green onions and those unidentifiable stringy greens that are also pictured in a bowl alongside. That big bowl of black pepper contained twice the quantity... More

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