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Serious Eats Goes Behind the Scenes at Maker's Mark

When I think of bourbon, I immediately think of Maker's Mark—as I'm sure many of you do, too. Whether or not it's your favorite, it's certainly one of the most iconic. I envision a red wax-sealed bottle behind just about every well-stocked bar, high-end or low, the world over. So I found it almost hard to believe that every drop of the stuff is made at a single facility in Loretto, Kentucky. And last week, we got a chance to see just how it happens, from the corn delivery to barreling to bottling. Come take a look! More

Behind the Scenes at Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery in the Hudson Valley

There was no how-to-distill manual for Ralph Erenzo when he started what would become Tuthilltown Spirits in 2006. There was so little published about microdistilling at the time that he spent two and a half years with his business partner Brian Lee, experimenting with a furnace (purchased on e-Bay) and a German pot-still (no instructions included). They used apple scraps from a nearby apple-slicing plant in the Hudson Valley to produce their first batches of vodka. More

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