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How Booze is Made: The Basics of Column Distillation

Drinks Michael Dietsch 2 comments

Bourbon benefits from being produced primarily in column stills, which allow distillers to continuously produce spirits, without having to stop after each batch to clean the still. In theory, anyway, this means round-the-clock production of your favorite booze. What's the story with column stills? Read on... More

Distillation Glossary: Pot Still Terms You Should Know

Drinks Michael Dietsch 3 comments

I'm sure you guys are pulling out your favorite new Scotch terminology at cocktail parties, and using those distillation terms in every Saturday's crossword, but now that we've covered the basics, I wanted to focus in on a certain kind of distillation—the kind that takes place in the pot still. Today we'll chat about this distillation equipment's origins, what it does, and how it's used. More

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