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Let the Anal Retentive Eat Cake

Measure your cake slice down to the millimeter with this serving plate. As the product description says: With this plate, the concept of measurement is explored in a way to create a connection between the person and the object. For instance, when cutting cake or cheese, nobody will complain about having the smallest slice. Oh, I think they'll still complain about having the smallest slice, because now it'll be even easier to tell who does. CAD$45, plus shipping, from uptoyoutoronto.com [via Boing Boing]... More

For the Spring Table

A few pieces from ceramic artist Whitney Smith's collection. My sense of impending spring began a few weeks ago when I awoke to a mourning dove’s lonely call. Just barely March, it seemed far too early then to raise much excitement, but the signs have become irrefutable – budding trees, blooming crocuses, a run of rainy 50-degree days, more bird song – and I am now, despite a certain measure of disbelief, firmly in the throes of spring fever. For those of you thus afflicted, and for the others who are still soldiering through winter, I bring you this round-up of items embodying the effervescence of spring.... More

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