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Eggplant and Tomato Sauce with Israeli Couscous

Turmeric and some other spices used in this recipe are notably Moroccan, and, while in Morocco it's typical to serve the couscous alongside the stew or sauce, I chose to stir it all together to keep in line with this quick and easy dinners column—and it turned out great. The couscous had a chance to absorb the extra sauce and flavor. More

Thai Chicken Larb

This healthy dish of ground chicken, shallots, mint, and cilantro is full of fresh and hot Southeast Asian flavors. Serve it as a crispy lettuce wrap or over rice. It can be on the table in under 30 minutes. More

18 Chicken Dinner Recipes That Aren't Boring

A standard in almost every home cook's repertoire, the chicken dinner tends to lean toward the banal and un-exciting. Fortunately, we've compiled the best versions of all the standard chicken dishes, as well as a few unconventional ones that will restore poultry's dignity in your kitchen. From mole to tikka to buffalo wings, and more. More

SE Staff Picks: Favorite Cool-Off Summer Dinners

With our slow-cookers in storage and flip flops attached to our feet these days, dinner needs to be light, refreshing, and preferably not oven-dependent. We told you our favorite summer cool-off desserts, now it's time to talk about the pre-dessert meal. What do you like to throw together on sticky, sunny days? Here are the go-to picks for the crew at SEHQ: soba noodles, frittatas, cereal, and more. More

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