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Spice Hunting: Dill Seed

It's a quirk of edible herbs that they often taste little like their seeds. Dill is one of these, and one of the most recognizable herbs to boot. My inner Slav loves all things dill, which is why I was surprised to realize I haven't had much experience with dill seeds. Looking around, it seemed I wasn't alone in my neglect. But while it lacks the bright, lemony shot of heaven that is dill weed, it's a surprisingly versatile background player in recipes spanning cultures and diets. More

Borsch, All Spiced Up

[Photograph: Max Falkowitz] As far as I'm concerned, borsch (there's no t in the Cryllic) is about two things: playing off all the wonderful flavors of beets and an excuse to consume unforgivable amounts of sour cream. I love the... More

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