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Some New Food Words for Merriam-Webster's Dictionary

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary added 100 new words for 2009, some of them food-related. Here are a few of those: acai, carbon footprint, goji, haram (sorta—can be applied to foods), locavore, schwarma. Points to anyone who can use all of those in one sentence.... More

New Food Words in Latest Merriam-Webster's Dictionary Update

Paul Boutin at the Valleywag blog is a man after my own heart. He's geeking out over the new words being added to Merriam-Webster's 2008 edition, due out September 1 (but online now), and got a sneak peek at "the 25 most populist of the new entries as a teaser." Among them: edamame noun (1951) : immature green soybeans usu. in the pod pescatarian noun (1993) : a vegetarian whose diet includes fish phytonutrient n (1994) : a bioactive plant-derived compound (as resveratrol) associated with positive health effects prosecco noun (1881) : a dry Italian sparkling wine soju noun (1978) : Korean vodka distilled from rice Related Food Words for Thought: 'Locavore' as 2007's Word of the Year... More

A Dictionary of French Cooking Terms

Food critic and cookbook author Patricia Wells put together a downloadable version of her FrenchEnglish Food Glossary, to make eating in France less of a guessing game for those who don't speak French. "In preparing this glossary," she says, "I have tried to limit the list to contemporary terms, making this a practical guide for today's traveler in France. Translations are generally offered for those dishes, foods, and menus, in markets, expressions or terms phrases one is most likely to encounter on menus and in shops. I have also added regional terms one might not find explained elsewhere." The glossary is available as a Microsoft Word .doc and an Adobe .pdf, so pick the format you like most, and print... More

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