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Gluten-Free Tuesday: Chocolate Chip Jam Pie

Gluten Free Tuesday Elizabeth Barbone Post a comment

When I'm not sure what dessert to bring to a picnic, this is what I make. Unlike juicy summer fruit pies, you can eat this simple gluten-free chocolate chip jam pie without a plate and fork—a nice bonus for outdoor meals. More

American Classics: "Banana Breeze" Pie

Sweets Alexandra Penfold 5 comments

The vintage ad promises this pie is "almost as easy as peeling a Dole banana." And guess what, it is. More

"Banana Breeze" Pie

Serious Eats Alexandra Penfold Post a comment

An easy banana cream pie with a cornflake crust. More

Video: How to Make McDonald's-Inspired Burger Macarons

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 1 comment

Many people have made macarons that look like burgers, but this video is the first time I've seen a bunch of different burger macarons side by side—in this case, representing a chunk of McDonald's burger menu. More

American Classics: Matzo 'Crack' S'mores

Sweets Alexandra Penfold 3 comments

Last year I put together a slideshow of Matzo Crack recipes for Passover. This year's post was inspired by a tweet I saw by Serious Eats New York editor Max Falkowitz that went a little something like this: "What to do with Matzo for Passover: Eat with Charoset. Make Matzo Crack. Cry. End of list." Which got me thinking what else in the dessert realm could be done with matzo. Then it hit me. Chocolate covered Matzo 'Crack' would make a great base for s'mores. Break out the Kosher for Passover marshmallows! More

Matzo 'Crack' S'mores

Serious Eats Alexandra Penfold Post a comment

Marshmallow s'mores sandwiches made with caramel and chocolate-coated matzo crack. More

S'mores Krispie Treats

Serious Eats Anna Markow Post a comment

With only a couple of extra steps you can make rice krispie treats that taste just like s'mores. More

Singapore Stories: Pandan Chiffon Cake

Singapore Stories Yvonne Ruperti 7 comments

This moist tropical cake rocks coconut milk and the bright green essence of pandan leaf, a popular Southeast Asian ingredient. More

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti Post a comment

This moist tropical cake rocks coconut milk and the bright green essence of pandan leaf, a popular Southeast Asian ingredient. More

Roasted Sweet Plantains with Cream and Cinnamon

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 2 comments

My aunt-in-law introduced me to this ultra-simple dessert of roasted sweet plantains enriched with a touch of cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar. As it roasts, it turns custardy soft, taking on an almost pudding-like texture. More

Gluten-Free Grapefruit Cake

Serious Eats Elizabeth Barbone 2 comments

A rich and moist gluten free cake soaked in an aromatic grapefruit glaze. More

Video: How to Make a Cheeseburger Ice Cream Sundae from Food Deconstructed

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee Post a comment

What is a cheeseburger ice cream sundae? Cheddar and caramelized onion-flavored ice cream (enhanced with beef stock) topped with candied beef bacon and drizzled with ketchup-bacon-caramel sauce, according to this interpretation by Food Deconstructed. More

Gluten-Free 4 Ingredient Cranberry Trifle

Serious Eats Elizabeth Barbone Post a comment

Cranberry cream layered with crumbled gluten free chocolate cookies and cream. More

American Classics: Belgian Pie

Sweets Alexandra Penfold 1 comment

For Belgian Americans in northern Wisconsin's Door County, the start of autumn is a time for giving thanks. And as part of their Kermiss celebrations, there is always the fruit-filled treat known as Belgian Pie. More

Belgian Pie

Serious Eats Alexandra Penfold 1 comment

Most of the pies I've encountered have had a butter, shortening, lard or cookie crust, but the Belgian Pie consists of a yeast-raised crust and can be filled with any of a number of fillings. Fruit fillings like apple, prune and raisin are popular as is rice. Known in Dutch as Rijsttaart, the filling is akin to rice pudding. More

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Apple Hand Pies

Gluten Free Tuesday Elizabeth Barbone Post a comment

Recently the front page of my local paper trumpeted bad news: "Slim pickings for area's apple crop." The combination of warm March temperatures and an April freeze led to a poor apple-growing season and early fall apples. So make the most of the apple crop with these hand pies! More

Gluten-Free Apple Hand Pies

Serious Eats Elizabeth Barbone 5 comments

Gluten-free apple hand pies with a tender, flaky crust. More

My Thai: Coffee-Coconut Agar Dessert

My Thai Leela Punyaratabandhu 12 comments

While the idea of putting coconut milk in coffee is not entertained by many people, when the two ingredients are put together this way, they form one of the most-loved flavor combinations for agar dessert among the Thai people. More

Grilled Banana Boats with Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Marshmallows

Serious Eats Joshua Bousel 3 comments

A true campfire classic, these sweet-stuffed and roasted bananas have rightfully found a place in the heart for many generations. More

Gluten-Free Texas-Style Blueberry Cobbler

Serious Eats Elizabeth Barbone 6 comments

Topped with a cake-like pastry, this cobbler is naturally egg-free and can be made dairy-free by replacing the butter and milk with dairy-free alternatives. More

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