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Tricky Wine Pairing: Sweet Wines to Drink With Halloween Candy

Drinks Jameson Fink 4 comments

Which sweet wines work well with Halloween candy? Here are a few easy suggestions for what to drink with the candy you've collected. More

Delicious Dessert Wines to Sip This Thanksgiving

Drinks Sarah Chappell 2 comments

There's a whole world of wines out there that can be delicious with dessert. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start exploring. Here are a few recommended bottles to serve with classic Thanksgiving pies. More

ÆppelTreow Winery's Pommeaux Dessert Wine

Lia Bulaong Post a comment

Gourmet's Dara Moskowitz Grundahl was on a long family road trip, stopped randomly at an apple-themed souvenir store just to get out of the car with her baby, and ended up making her wine discovery of 2007. She describes ÆppelTreow Winery's Pommeaux dessert wine as having "the fragrance of a hundred apple trees in bloom, and more," and ended up buying every last bottle they had in stock! They apparently only produce 2,000 cases total of all their products a year, and only sell in a limited amount of stores in the Kenosha, Milwaukee, and Chicago areas, so you'll have to drop them a line about buying it direct from the source, like I'm about to do.... More

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