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'They Basically Wiped Out Our Profit for the Day': A Street Vendor Speaks Out About the Department of Health

New York Max Falkowitz 34 comments

Do the DOH's letter grades and punitive fines actually improve food safety? Do they educate street vendors and restaurants about improving food safety? Here is one account to help you decide, in a street vendor's own words, about the time she lost a day's earnings to two tickets. More

Golden Corral Video Exposes Unsanitary Food Storage Conditions

J. Kenji López-Alt 27 comments

A whistle-blowing Golden Corral employee in Florida released a homemade video showing trays of raw hamburger patties, raw baby back ribs, and pans filled with cooked pot roast, gravy, chicken, bacon, and green bean casserole, all stored outdoors, directly next to the dumpsters. His explanation? That's what the restaurant does "during inspection." More

Poll: Would You Eat at a 'C' Restaurant?

New York The Serious Eats Team 33 comments

New York recently launched a new restaurant grading program, assigning letter grades of A, B, or C to eating establishments, depending on the outcome of their most recent health inspection. More importantly? Restaurants are required to post those letter grades in the window for all to see. Would a low grade put you off a restaurant? More

A Guide to New York's New Restaurant Grading System

New York Leah Douglas 6 comments

[Photograph: NYC Department of Health] Today marks the launch of New York City's new restaurant grading program. The much-debated system assigns letter grades of A, B, or C depending on the number of health code violations recorded in a... More

Just to Confirm, Sal & Carmine's Is Back

Slice Adam Kuban Post a comment

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we got this email from Simon yesterday ... Hey, Adam, Don't know if you've covered this already, but Sal & Carmine's is open again. Haven't been in yet, though, so haven't asked about his side of the DOH shuttering story. Will go have a slice tomorrow and find out, at the very least for my own curiosity.—Simon... More

UWS: Sal & Carmine's Shut Down by Dept. of Health

Slice Adam Kuban 8 comments

We just got word via Slice'r Anthony W. that Sal & Carmine's on the Upper West Side has been shuttered by the Department of Health. And photo confirmation comes from Dave Cook of Eating in Translation via his Flickr stream (right). This is sad news indeed, as Sal & Carmine's has long been one of our favorite slice joints in the city. We've been trying to reach the pizzeria for comment on when it'll be back in commission. No word yet, but we'll keep you posted when we find out. Sal & Carmine's 2671 Broadway, New York NY 10025 (101/102;... More

DOH Crackdown On Street Food Fish?

New York Carey Jones Post a comment

Not, and now never, from a cart. [Photo: Robyn Lee] At Midtown Lunch, Zach Brooks writes about Department of Health regulations that will go into effect January 1, 2010, which ban the sale of any fish or seafood from... More

Has the NYC Department of Health Delcared War on Reheated Pizza Slices?

Slice Adam Kuban 33 comments

[Photograph: Turbulentflow on Flickr] An alarming piece of reader mail today from an undisclosed Manhattan pizzeria should send shivers down the spines of any slice-loving New Yorker. If this is not just a single instance of overzealous enforcement by the NYC Department of Health, the following could have serious ramifications for the majority of pizzerias in the Big Apple: I am having a huge problem. I run a pizzeria, and we have gotten a warning from the Board of Health saying that pizza is not allowed to be used off of the slice display.This, of course, has to do... More

Deli Cat No Can Has Rodents

Jenn Sit 2 comments

Cuddlier and more efficient than exterminators and poison, the cats that prowl your local delis and bodegas hunting for rats and mice are getting busted by the NYC Department of Health as a health risk. You gotta ask yourself what's worse: a rat-killing feline or vermine noshing at your bread loaves? [via Gothamist]... More

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