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The Mad Mad Mad Mad World of Competition Barbecue

Joshua Bousel 16 comments

A look into the maddening world of competition barbecue, where great friends balance out a "sport" where even the best of the best are never guaranteed success. More

Decatur, GA: Thoughtfully-Designed Burgers at Thinking Man Tavern

A Hamburger Today Todd Brock 8 comments

Enjoy a tremendously juicy burger with well-balanced toppings and a jaw-dropping alcohol list, all while looking up the atomic weight of manganese, the official medical term for the tailbone, and the names of Jupiter's moons. More

Daily Slice: Sapori di Napoli, Decatur, Georgia

Slice Todd Brock 3 comments

Every time I hit a patch of just-blackened char on the chewy crust, I was reminded how top-flight pizza boutiques like Sapori di Napoli are playing a sport that's completely different than most American pizzerias. More

Atlanta's Farm Burger Gets an A for Locavorism and a B for Burgers

A Hamburger Today Daniel Zemans 11 comments

There is no questioning the ethos behind Farm Burger or the quality of the ingredients, but potentially outstanding burgers suffer due to underseasoned and overcooked patties. Despite flaws, burgers were more than a little enjoyable, just not top tier. More

Video: Southern Foodways Alliance's Oral History on C. F. Penn Hamburgers (Decatur, AL)

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 4 comments

As part of Southern Foodways Alliance's oral history project, they interviewed Dr. Franklin Penn, co-owner of C. F. Penn Hamburgers in Decatur, Alabama, maker of slug burgers (burgers made of beef and filler). Penn's grandfather opened the restaurant in... More

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