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NYC: 10 Scotch Cocktails We Love Right Now

Drinks Carey Jones 2 comments

Scotch might not seem like the most likely base for a cocktail. Plenty will still argue that Scotch is for sipping—not polluting with anything other than an ice cube, or maybe a few drops of water if you're feeling frisky. But properly deployed in cocktails, Scotch can take on many roles, whether the aggressive frontrunner or a mellow backdrop to other flavors. Here are ten of our favorites in New York right now—from a light lavender number to a dark, brooding sipper. More

Mix It Up: Mother's Ruin Punch at Death and Company

New York Laren Spirer 1 comment

Punch illustration from D&C Menu [Illustration: Tim Tomkinson] As part of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, I had the pleasure of attending a seminar at Death and Company in the East Village called "Behind the Bar." David Kaplan, who is... More

Mix It Up: 'The Division Bell' from Mayahuel

New York Laren Spirer 2 comments

Editor's note: New York's cocktail shakers work all kinds of wonders behind the bar—so why not learn a few tricks from the pros? In Mix It Up, Serious Eats contributor Laren Spirer will find out the secrets behind the city's... More

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