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Comment of the Day: Parchment Pro Tip

Slice Adam Kuban 5 comments

"If you use parchment paper, you can wait a minute or two after its been in the oven and then pull the parchment out from underneath and you'll be baking directly on the stone." —dbcurrie... More

A Tale of Two Yeasts: How Well Does Fleischmann's Pizza Crust Yeast Stack Up?

Slice Adam Kuban 17 comments

You may remember that Fleischmann's introduced a new Pizza Crust Yeast this summer. On her awesome blog Cookistry, Donna "dbcurrie" Currie had some laying around in her pantry and put it head to head with a sourdough pizza dough she had going in her fridge. More

What Lost Family Recipe Would You Like to Find Again?

Adam Kuban 63 comments

If you haven't read Donna "dbcurrie" Currie's Babcia Bread post yet, there's a really sweet backstory there. At first her husband's grandma's Polish bread recipe seemed lost to the ages. But then an inexactly translated version materialized. Still, it wasn't quite right, so she doggedly revised it until Mr dbcurrie said, "Oh yeah!" That got us talking here at SE HQ about which lost family recipes we'd like to find again. For me, it would be my paternal grandma's kolache cookie recipe. What lost recipe do you wish you could find? More

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