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Where Do You Get Your Favorite Pizza?

Yep—that's our question. We blab about pizza every day on Slice, but we've never started a straight-up favorite pizza anywhere thread. And since a number of Serious Eaters are going on a crazy all-you-can-fly pass next month, we're looking for your recommendations as we seek out the best pizza in the U.S. So dish: Where is your favorite pizza served? More

Have You Ever Had Airline Food You Actually Liked?

Airline food. The jokes usually write themselves. But after having flown Aer Lingus recently, I had to eat some of my nasty words — along with the tasty beef stew the Irish carrier served me. And, OMG, peep the photo here — Kerrygold butter is their standard butter packet. Quoth Erin Zimmer, "I eat every bite of my Aer Lingus meals whenever I visit family in Ireland." So my question for you today, SE'rs: Have you ever had a good airplane meal experience? Dish. More

How Do Your Eating Habits Change in Summer?

I was a little surprised yesterday when a very vocal majority of pizza-lovers over on Slice said No way did they stop eating pizza when it's hot out — with many indicating their pizza game did not change in the slightest. But there did seem to be indications that their eating habits did change based on the weather in other respects. So today I figured I'd open this discussion up to all foods. How do your eating habits change when it gets hot out? More

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