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From Behind the Bar: The Happy Bar Widow

When you are young and you work in hospitality, you often date in hospitality. Perhaps it is because of the strange hours of your job, or maybe it's because of the types of people attracted to the industry. I dated within my profession for both the convenience and for the personalities I met. Cooks were fun for nights of video games and standing in the back of smoky bars drinking Budweiser while listening to them perform with a band, waiters for their tortured monologues of how they would one day be famous actors. But my favorites were always bartenders. More

Would You Go to a Chain Restaurant on a First Date?

Clueless dudes,* take note: On Glamour's Smitten blog, the women in the comments of the latest Reader's Dilemma ("My Dates Always Choose Chain Restaurants, Which I Secretly Hate") are overwhelmingly in favor of quirky hole-in-the-wall restaurants for first dates. (Except one who says, "I've never even thought of this before, this dilemma sounds pretentious.") Many of the commenters are pretty open-minded, though, saying that choosing a chain wouldn't necessarily be a dealbreaker. I think most folks reading SE would opt for a unique, delicious local place for a date. Before I started dating my current squeeze, I used to keep a list of such surefire date restaurants on hand in case I needed it.** (Which was rarely.) Do you... More

In Videos: Cooking Show for Guys Who Want to Get Lucky

Cooking to Get Lucky is a new web show for guys who are spatula clueless, hosted by ex-Bachelorette contestant Bob Guiney and All My Children actress Eden Riegel. The goal: minimum input from guys in the kitchen, maximum output from ladies after. The debut episode involves one pretty helpless-looking caller, "Josh from Ohio," who's dating a healthy chick. "She eats grass...I eat hamburgers and stuff." The two hosts whip up a halibut dish and dark chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert. The episode, after the jump.... More

Dating Advice from Grillmasters

If you're single and going to a barbecue this holiday weekend, check out Nerve's Dating Advice From Grillmasters to find out the best way to impress someone at a barbecue ("Nothing breaks the ice quicker than sticking a can of beer up a chicken's bum") and the best thing about dating a grillmaster ("We know how to handle things when it gets hot"). Ha ha, I get it. Related Dating Sites for the Food Obsessed? Help, I Am Dating a Vegetarian!... More

Brooklyn Singles Lookin' For Love... and a Good Dinner

Still from 'Feed Me: Brooklyn' episode 8. "Charming, young, single Brooklynite looking for that attractive and interesting special someone who shares passion for food and cooking. Confident and takes charge in the kitchen." If this sounds like right for you or anyone you know, they might be a good candidate for Feed Me: The Brooklyn Cooking Dating Show, a new online dating show for foodies in Brooklyn. The show pairs up Brooklyn singles that share a penchant for good eats, and has one make dinner for the other at the warm and cozy Brooklynphoto Studio kitchen in Williamsburg: "It's about as non-creepy as you can get. It's all about food and conversation. Think 'My Dinner with Andre,' except it's... More

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