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Scooped: (Basic but Fantastic) Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Sweets Ethan Frisch 2 comments

In a recent moment of self-reflection, my Scooped partner in crime and I decided that our column, and Serious Eats overall, is lacking in basic ice cream recipes. Along those lines, I've tried to rein in my penchant for off-the-wall flavors and focus this entry on one of my favorite building-block ice cream recipes: a simple (and completely irresistible) dark chocolate ice cream. More

(Basic but Fantastic) Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Serious Eats Ethan Frisch Post a comment

This recipe is eminently flexible—a version of this flavor, paired with tawny port wine, was Guerrilla Ice Cream's most popular flavor and received accolades on these hallowed pages, among others. Replace the water with rum, or beer, or juice and adjust to taste before spinning, and you can create any chocolate-based combo flavor that your heart desires. More

Taste Test: Dark Chocolate

Sweets Erin Zimmer 41 comments

Dark vs. milk chocolate is a polarizing question. Many of us at SEHQ are milk chocolate fans, and not afraid to admit it. But when you want something more intense, wonderfully nuanced, and not-Halloween-candy-sweet, dark chocolate is what you reach for. We tried 19 different dark chocolates, nothing with higher than 73% cacao. This tasting was organized in honor of Valentine's Day but clearly we just needed an excuse to eat bounties of chocolate. More

Scooped: Really Dark Chocolate Sorbet

Serious Eats Ethan Frisch 10 comments

Brits love their multi-layered peanut-caramel-cookie-nougat-and-air-bubble-filled concoctions, but ask for real dark chocolate, and they start muttering about the fall of the British Empire. In an attempt to satisfy my craving for intense, bitter dark chocolate after moving to London, I tried this sorbet recipe: it's a wonderful, incredibly creamy frozen dessert that is so rich and smooth, no one will believe it's a sorbet. More

No-bake British Chocolate Tiffins

Serious Eats HeartofGlass 1 comment

This is adapted from the Joy of Baking. The treat gets its name from a slang term for an afternoon snack. Most versions include butter and syrup, but this is a fairly uncomplicated rendition, using only butter and chocolate.... More

5 Ways to Combine Chocolate and Coffee

Sweets Liz Gutman 14 comments

Chocolate and coffee: a classic combo. But when a choc-o-bomb doughnut and a watery cuppa joe aren't doing it for you any more, you know you have other options, right? Yes, you do. Here are five of them, including this recipe for coffee toffee. More

How to Read Confusing Chocolate Labels

Sweets Liz Gutman 9 comments

Chocolate labels can be really confusing. This is mostly by design. Like it or not, marketing is a big part of moving these things off the shelves. Every year more terms are added, subtracted and manipulated to convince you, the consumer, that this is the chocolate you REALLY want to buy. Well, fret no more. The following terms (along with the glossary terms from the other week) will help you out the next time you're staring down an aisle's worth of chocolate. More

A Glossary of Chocolate Terms

Sweets Liz Gutman 7 comments

Some of this has been covered in previous posts, but it can't hurt to have some chocolate terms you can comfortably throw around. Here are the basic ones—feel free to add yours in the comments! More

Peanut Butter and Chocolate: How Dark Is Too Dark?

That's Nuts Lee Zalben 22 comments

While jelly may be peanut butter's most popular partner, chocolate comes in at a very close, very decadent second. It's probably not news to you that peanut butter and chocolate make for a delicious pairing. Whether you're preparing a chocolate mousse cake with peanut butter drizzle, eating a peanut butter cup, or taking a lick from a chocolate peanut butter swirl ice cream cone, chocolate is always a delicious flavor to enjoy with peanut butter. More

Chocolate Ancho Sorbet

Serious Eats Liz Gutman 4 comments

Single-Origin Dark Chocolates from Pralus

Sweets Jenny McCoy 10 comments

Single bean chocolate varieties are replacing blends, and the result is fascinating. These dark chocolates from the French chocolate company Pralus are a perfect example. More

That's Nuts: The Easiest Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Pie

That's Nuts Lee Zalben 11 comments

Note: Lee Zalben, a.k.a. "the Peanut Butter Guy" is the creator of the Peanut Butter & Co., a New York sandwich shop with a national line of nut butters. Every week he chimes in with some nuttiness. [Photographs: Lee Zalben] Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Pie View the complete recipe here » Even though they call me the Peanut Butter Guy, which sounds like a rather salt-of-the-earth position, but I'll be honest. I can be a bit of a food snob. Don't get me wrong, I love diners, street food, penny candy, and all sorts of simple fare. But when I cook and bake, it's mostly from scratch. When I develop product recipes with my team at Peanut Butter & Co.,... More

The Easiest Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Pie

Serious Eats Lee Zalben Post a comment

Read more about this recipe here.... More

Dark Chocolate Cranberry Bark

Serious Eats Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Cook the Book: Michael Laiskonis’s Dark Chocolate, Peanut, and Caramel Tart

Serious Eats Michele Humes 6 comments

Today’s Cook the Book recipe comes to us from Michael Laiskonis, Le Bernardin’s dashing pastry chef. His dark chocolate, peanut, and caramel tart is perfect for anyone who likes a bit of salty with their sweet; it’s almost like... More

Ghirardelli Launches Milk Chocolate Line as Fancy as Dark Chocolate

Erin Zimmer 12 comments

Despite the dark chocolate snobbery that often rules the chocolate world, Ghirardelli is looking out for the shunned, stepped-on milk chocolate lovers. Understanding that the less sexy option still accounts for 80 percent of total chocolate sales in the U.S., the company recently launched a luxe milk chocolate line, and it's on another level than cheap Easter candy. More

Black and Orange Recipe: Dark Chocolate, Mint, and Pumpkin Gelato Patch

Serious Eats Kerry Saretsky 5 comments

Editor's Note: Since it's the last Wednesday in October, this will conclude our black and orange recipe feature. Thank you Kerry for creating each one! I find that it pays off to seriously invest your time in a main course,... More

Dark Chocolate Is Good For Your Blood Pressure

Lia Bulaong 2 comments

Fans of dark chocolate probably already know it's chock-full of flavinoids that help reduce the risk of blood clots and blocked arteries, but new studies are now saying that eating dark chocolate may be just about as effective at lowering your blood pressure as taking common hypertensive drugs like the beta-blockers Tenormin or Inderal. Are people going to like dark chocolate less when they're required to eat some every day? Is milk chocolate going to become a forbidden pleasure?... More

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