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Scooped: Dairy-Free Almond Tofu Ice Cream with Honey Swirl

One of my favorite tofu dishes is a Chinese dessert, a light, creamy tofu pudding topped with honey, sometimes flavored with bitter almond. I decided to try it as a dairy-free ice cream, swirled with honey and topped with orange zest—not because I have any objection to dairy-based ice creams, but because I wanted a frozen dessert that highlighted the flavor of the tofu itself. More

Dinner Tonight: Chile-Tomato Soup with Cumin and Cinnamon

Maybe it's the end of winter and I'm craving tomatoes like mad, but I can't stay away from tomato soup recipes (usually made from canned tomatoes) lately. This one is full of bold flavor and completely unlike run-of-the-mill tomato soup. The garnish is made with fresh grape or cherry tomatoes, which seem to taste fine year-round. I topped it with a dollop of yogurt, but the recipe is otherwise dairy-free, which isn't always easy to find in a tomato soup. More

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