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Video: Turkish Goat's Milk and Yogurt

We knew when we embarked on our trip through Turkey that we had to do a story about yogurt. Our search led us to a family on the Black Sea that graze organic goats along the coastline. They has been living in the city for the majority of their lives and the son wanted to get back to the land. So they returned to their family home and raised goats as their parents had. More

Market Tour: Meet Ploughboy, Colorado's All-Local Market

It was day five of their cross-country road trip when Kerry and David Nelson rolled into Salida, Colorado. They'd just taken a year off from their life in Philly to travel the country, and finding a place in the Southwest where they could eventually lay down roots wasn't far from their minds. It turned out to be an easier process than they could've imagined—for the Nelsons, Salida had it all: a thriving, receptive community, an active arts scene, and a stunning mountain vista. More

Serious Cheese: 3 Unusual Goat's Milk Cheeses to Get You Hooked

Goat's milk has a very specific flavor. Many would call it tart, and there are countless simple goat cheeses that play up this personality trait more than anything else. True goat cheese lovers, however, understand that goat's milk can carry with it a symphony of characteristics ranging from grassy to meaty to an especially subtle sweetness that rewards those attentive to its nuanced flavor. It's these traits that we're focusing on today. More

Iceland: Behind the Scenes Tour of a Skyr Factory

Skyr is right up there with volcanoes and Björk as being one of the most Icelandic things I knew about before visiting Iceland. Wonderfully thick and creamy, skyr tastes somewhere between tart Greek yogurt, crème fraîche, and soft-serve. And Icelanders have been eating it forever; there are even medieval literary records of skyr being eaten in the Sagas as early as the 11th century. So, despite its recent boom in the yogurt market, skyr ain't just a new fad. Let's see how that Viking mjolk (Icelandic for "milk") becomes skyr! Take a tour of a skyr factory with us. More

How the USDA Is Making Us Eat More Cheese

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has many responsibilities in overseeing the national agricultural industry. One of its most relevant duties is to provide accurate nutritional guidelines to Americans. The USDA formulates the food pyramid recommendations and oversees national food assistance programs. As an extension of these responsibilities, the USDA works to publicize healthier eating habits in an attempt to address our national health crises. Or at least, that's what we think they do. More

The Future of American Cheesemaking Is in Vermont

Twelve years ago, two brothers, Mateo and Andy Kehler, bought a farm in Greensboro, Vermont and set out to make beer; it's a good thing they failed. Then they tried their hand at tofu, and it's a good thing that didn't work out either. This isn't schadenfreude; what happened next is that the Kehler brothers turned their attention to cheese. That worked out really, really well. In a mere decade, they have gone from novices to leaders in one of the one busiest cheesemaking states in America. More

How to Make Yogurt

I started making yogurt to put an end to my ever-expanding collection of plastic containers. I found that a pure and delicious yogurt—without the added thickeners, flavor and color enhancers, and large amounts of sugar or corn syrup found in many store-bought brands—is not hard to make. Now I'm hooked. See how it's done and you might be too. More

Honey Ice Cream

The vanilla ice cream recipe in Thomas Keller's Bouchon was the jumping off point for this recipe. I loved the ultra-rich, dense, and creamy results and adapted it to make my favorite ice cream flavor: honey. More

Seriously Meatless: Southwest Mac and Cheese With a Cornbread Crust

Macaroni and cheese is great to make for dinner parties that include kids. I like to make two batches: one with a simple and classic cheese sauce, and the other with big, bold flavors. Today's recipe is for a Southwestern version packed with three kinds of peppers (roasted poblano, Hatch, and red bell) and topped with cornbread crumbs instead of the standard breadcrumbs. More

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