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The Serious Eats Guide To Pizza In Naples

Slice J. Kenji López-Alt 38 comments

A few months ago, my wife and I spent all of 24 hours in Naples on our way home from Sicily. It was probably the second-most pizza-packed 24 hours of my life (the first being when I took my Colombian brother-in-law on a whirlwind pizza tour of New York). We hit over a half dozen pizzerias over lunch alone, and a few more for dinner. Here now, I present to you the Serious Eats guide to Eating Pizza in Naples. More

Watch this Great Video Shot at Antica Pizzeria Da Michele in Naples

Slice Adam Kuban 12 comments

Pizzablogger alerts us to this great video shot at legendary Naples joint Antica Pizzeria Da Michele. For the pizza nerds out there, he points out:

[This is] one of the more elaborate and informative videos of Da Michele I've seen. It gets interesting around 1:30, when the tap water is turned on for dough-making. Notice the gentle speed of the fork mixer, the cool "pig trough" metal fermentation bin. This shows that they shape differently here than other VPN-focused Neapolitan places. You can get a bead on the brand of tomatoes they use (looks like the loose purée in the can makes it into the sauce?). Cheese-shredding, pizza-making and then the usual, to-be-expected brew-ha-ha of people saying how good the pizza is.

[via BrickStoneOven on pizzamaking.com]


Video: The-Feedbag Goes to Naples, Compares Da Michele and Trianon

Slice Adam Kuban 14 comments

Fairly interesting video that highlights the differences between legendary Neapolitan pizza joints Da Michele and Trianon.* [via The-Feedbag] Related Slice Goes to Pizzeria Trianon Photo Gallery: Robert Sietsema Visits Naples, Sends Us These Snapshots *Is it just me, or does a Fleetwood Mac song play in your head anytime you read that pizzeria name?... More

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