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Behind the Scenes at the Pilsner Urquell Brewery in the Czech Republic

Drinks Mike Reis 3 comments

I visited the brewery to see how Pilsner Urquell is made today, as well as to see some of the equipment and methods that were used in the past. Barrel-fermented, unfiltered pilsner? Don't mind if I do... More

Snapshots from Prague: 10 Must-Eat Foods

Laura Siciliano-Rosen 18 comments

It's true there's a lot of meat in Czech cuisine and where there's meat, there's nearly always gravy and houskové knedlíky, the spongy steamed bread dumplings that people seem to love or hate. They also, of course, pour the freshest pilsner on the planet and have an ever-growing craft beer scene. Here are 10 must-eat foods that you should track down while in Prague. More

Melon Carving from the Melounovy Festival

Adam Kuban 8 comments

Pumpkin carving? So three months ago. Get with the program. All the cool kids have moved on to melons now. The Melounovy Festival in the Czech Republic seems to be ground zero for the artform. Get your knives sharpened. Preliminaries will be held July 31 and August 1. [via Boing Boing]... More

No Burger Bliss at Bohemia Bagel in Prague, But At Least the Fries Are Good

A Hamburger Today Lizy Yagoda 17 comments

Editor's note: Today's burger review comes from AHT reader Lizy Yagoda, a junior at Vassar College who is currently studying abroad in Prague. When she's not hitting the books, she's scoping out the burger scene. Will she find a decent... More

The Best (and Wost) Burgers in Prague

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 1 comment

The Prague Post rates nine of the city's burgers, telling you who has the best and worst meat, bun, and fries.... More

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