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Apps Only: Heartbreak

New York Ben Fishner Post a comment

Heartbreak in the East Village serves Swiss-German food that's dense, rich, and a little heavy, but also really delicious and not too pricey. More

Snapshots from Germany: The Currywurst

Steen Bjørn Hanssen 23 comments

Arguably the most famous and iconic Berliner street food dish is the currywurst. Few German dishes are so popular and have inspired so much controversy. The traditional currywurst is a fried, scalded sausage with a fine texture cut into thick slices and seasoned with a ketchup-curry powder sauce. The sausage (wurst in German) is served with or without casing, an existential choice for devoted currywurst fans, and may be accompanied by either fries (pommes) or a bread roll (brötchen). An indisputable must-try at any of the hundreds of street food stands (imbiss) throughout Berlin. More

Cook the Book: Currywurst

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 3 comments

There's something so weird and wonderful about the combination of grilled sausages and curry-spiked ketchup that is German Currywurst. It's one of those dishes that has intrigued me since I first heard about it. Since I have no plans to travel to Berlin anytime soon, I decided it was time to experience currywurst for myself, with the help of this recipe from Planet Barbecue! by Steven Raichlen. More

Currywurst: The Best for Midnight Munchies

Ed Levine 4 comments

A piece in Saveur has a hilarious take on the origins of currywurst, the griddled pork sausage topped by a bizarre mix of ketchup and curry powder. Lena Brucker, a street stall owner in postwar Hamburg, "tripped on a flight of stairs while carrying a carton of ketchup and a can of curry powder obtained on Hamburg's black market. Absentmindedly licking her fingers after cleaning up the mess, she discovered the two ingredients' delightful compatibility." It sounds like the origins of fusion food in general. Where can Serious Eaters find the best currywurst in this country? I noticed that New Yorkers can get their currywurst fix at the Hallo Berlin cart and at the Hallo Berlin restaurant. Hallo Berlin Cart... More

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