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Leslie Buck, 87, Designer of Iconic Coffee Cup

Leslie Buck, responsible for the Grecian design on so many New York coffee cups for nearly half a century, died on Monday at 87, the New York Times reported. The blue-and-white cups, famous for their "We Are Happy to Serve You" message, can still be found at some diners, delis, and food carts. Buck chose the colors of the Greek flag because so many of the city's diners were owned by Greeks. Though he had no formal art training, they were an instant success. More

Styrofoam Coffee Cup + Sharpie = Art

Foam cup artist Cheeming Boey of Newport Beach, California, creates intricate designs using the underexplored medium of Sharpie pens. His Flickr set includes images of noodle shops, faceless diners, scaly fish, Japanese gods, and more, which sell for about $120 to $220 each. Styrofoam cups may typically be associated with ocean pollution and non-biodegradable landfill waste, but they are looking pretty snazzy here. Read this interview with Boey on the Sharpie blog. Related RIP 'We Are Happy to Serve You' Coffee Cups? Video: Squirrel Gets Head Stuck in Yogurt Cup Latte Printer Art... More

Cracked Dinnerware Given New Life

Danish designer Ornamented Life takes chipped and cracked dinnerware and turns the imperfections into art. Pieces can be bought at HORNE for $38 to $75. [via Oh Joy!] Related Map Plates Subliminal Dinnerware Topography Soup Plate... More

Tea Cup Stool

Mocha Why would you want a chair that looks like a chair? Boring. Furnish your apartment with a set of Tea Cup Stools. Unfortunately, each one will set you back £140 (about $197), but that's the price you pay to give your bum the lovely sensation of sitting on an oversized drinking receptacle. It comes in white, red, yellow, and orange.... More

11 Cool Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups

Skase Tea Cup Set I don't regularly drink coffee or tea, but I almost want to just so I have use for these cool mugs and cups. Of course, you can fill them with other drinks, although some only respond to hot liquids. WebUrbanist's list is full of good gift ideas for all kinds of drinkers, from the designer Skase Tea Cup Set to the utilitarian Alcatraz Inmate Cup. [via The Presurfer] Related Coffee Cup in an Old Lens The Ultimate Coffee Cup... More

Ctrl Alt Del Cups

If you're all too familiar with having to frustratingly press Ctrl + Alt + Del during a frozen computer session, you'll appreciate these Ctrl Alt Delete cups by MOD Design of Taiwan. The cups are shaped like giant keys and the tray is modeled to look like a computer's circuit board. The cup set made an appearance at this year's Maison et Object trade show but isn't available for purchase yet. [via Neatorama]... More

The Self-Stirring Cup Signals the Potential End of the Teaspoon

Tea time could be changed forever with the self-stirring cup. A prototype for a teacup called Ceramic for Mix aims to obviate the need for teaspoons. The teacup, by the design firm Anna Gram, stirs the tea with a twirling motion of the wrist. When you take a sip, the ball is trapped in the base of the glass by gravity to prevent accidental ingestion. Says Anna Gram's website: "Function creates a new gestural and aesthetic appeal." [via Neatorama]... More

For St. Patrick's Day, A Proper Pint

A nonic pint (left) and a tulip pint (right) flank fish and chips at Mc Donagh's, Galway, Ireland Not all pint glasses are created equal. In Ireland and Great Britain the internal volume of so-called "pint glasses" is regulated by state authorities in accordance with the imperial system of measure. As such, a state sanctioned pint glass (indicated by an official mark etched on each glass: a crown in the U.K., a circle bisected by a wavy line in the Republic of Ireland, or, in accordance with recent standards set to unify the mark throughout the European Union, the letters “CE” *) must hold a minimum of 20 imperial fluid ounces (the equivalent of about 19 US fluid ounces,... More

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