'culinary mashups' on Serious Eats

Cheeseburger + McNuggets = Delight

Our Adam Kuban spills the dirt on one of his guiltiest pleasures, a McNugget-enhanced Cheeseburger, over on A Hamburger Today. He justifies it by saying it's "two distinct tastes, yet a whole new experience. The whole as more than the sum of its parts."... More

Kalbi Tacos

Korean-Mexican Fusion: Kalbi Tacos? eat drink & be merry lives in ethnically diverse LA and ruminates on the fusion of cultures by... making tacos with korean bbq ribs instead of carne asada. YES. (Also: someone please get the Pushcart NYC guy to start making these for me? Kalbi rolls are great but now that my mind has been awakened to the possibility of kalbi tacos, it will not rest.) [via SlashFood]... More

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