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Weekend Baking Project: Pear Cranberry Crisp

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

This Pear Cranberry Crisp is a great option for big dinner parties, but served in small ramekins and dolloped with crème fraîche, it's just right for special occasions, too. More

12 Summer Crisps, Crumbles, and Cobblers We Love

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

Crisps, crumbles, and cobblers are a great, easy way to showcase summer fruit. Check out these 12 recipes that we love. More

Peach and Ginger Crisp Pie

Serious Eats Lauren Weisenthal 4 comments

Fresh summer peaches with candied ginger under a crisp brown sugar crumb topping. More

Bourbon Peach and Raspberry Crisp

Serious Eats Max Falkowitz 5 comments

This is high summer dessert at its finest: boozy, bawdy peaches with tart berries and a pecan-studded buttery topping, brightened and made perfect by the inclusion of lemon zest and mace. Use firmer, less ripe peaches here so they don't fall apart. The raspberries, on the other hand, will melt in the oven, so use whatever you have (frozen ones work well). More

Jenny McCoy's Blueberry-Nectarine Crisp

Sweets Jenny McCoy Post a comment

When I make a crisp, I make a very large crisp—mostly because it's such a crowd pleaser that unless you have way more than you need, you'll never have leftovers. And those leftovers make a fantastic breakfast! More

Blueberry-Nectarine Crisp

Serious Eats Jenny McCoy 4 comments

When I make a crisp, I make a very large crisp—mostly because it's such a crowd pleaser that unless you have way more than you need, you'll never have leftovers. And those leftovers make a fantastic breakfast! More

Blueberry Crisp Tart

Serious Eats Caroline Russock Post a comment

Mastering the art of the perfect pie crusts is the sort of skill that comes with time, practice, and many homely, "homemade"-looking pies. It's the sort of undertaking that sends many novice bakers running from the oven and results in many batches of dough being sadly slid into the trash. Cara Eisenpress and Phoebe Lapine, authors of In the Small Kitchen have created this Blueberry Crisp Tart with those young bakers in mind. More

Bread Baking: Ethereal Crisps

Serious Eats dbcurrie 5 comments

You can use these crisps for appetizers, to accompany a cheese or dip, or put them in the bread basket to add a little variety. They're light and airy, and people will be amazed that you made your own crackers, particularly crackers that are this amazingly thin. More

Snapshots from the UK: Walkers' Crazy-Flavored Crisps Competition

Kerry Saretsky 29 comments

The Brits are known for some wacky potato chips flavors—think Prawn Cocktail and Roast Chicken. When I first moved to England I committed myself to tasting them all, the only flavor I absolutely fell in love with being Sweet Chilli, as in Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. Now, powerhouse British "crisp" producers Walkers is asking the nation to vote for the next big flavor in its "Do Us a Flavour" competition that lasts until May 1. Being a Serious Eater has certain risks, and in the line of duty, I bit the dust—crazy-flavored dust that coated each and every chip. Eaters from around Britain sent in flavor ideas, and you'll never believe the finalists: exotic Crispy Duck & Hoisin, everyday... More

A Fruitful Crisp for the 4th of July

Serious Eats Lucy Baker 1 comment

This week for my magazine recipe review I wanted to tackle a classic, American summer dessert perfect for the 4th of July. Initially, I had my heart set on baking the Red, White, and Blueberry Shortcakes from the July issue... More

In England They Call Them Crisps

Robyn Lee 1 comment

If you're dying for nonexistent bacon and egg-flavored potato chips, now is your chance to make the flavor a reality. British potato chip company Walkers is asking customers to help them pick new flavors. Graham Holliday's top flavors include confit de canard, HP Sauce and sea urchin. [via Word of Mouth]... More

No Chex Please, We're British

Adam Kuban 9 comments

I first heard about Twiglets via France-based Graham Holliday (Noodlepie, Word of Mouth). This British expat journalist's Twiglet madness initially manifested itself on his blog, then spread to his Flickr account, and later to Twitter. It became severe enough that Holliday created a separate site devoted to these "crisps."... More

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