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Pie of the Week: Creamsicle Pie

When I think about classic summer treats, the kind that have been vended from the windows of ice cream trucks for generations, the first that comes to mind is the Creamsicle. A Creamsicle, for those unfamiliar, is a bar of vanilla ice cream, coated with flavored frozen ice, and served on a stick (basically, a popsicle with an ice cream center). While Creamsicles come in many flavors, the most iconic is orange. Some team of Madison Avenue geniuses dubbed August 14th (just a few days from now!) National Creamsicle Day, and I've pulled together my own take on this orangey treat for the occasion. More

Zero Proof: Creamsicle Milkshake

I haven't seen a Creamsicle in years, but the creamy orange and vanilla combination is a flavor memory I refuse to forget. I could certainly make my own Creamsicle pops by blending ice cream and sherbet together and refreezing, but a milkshake is just as satisfying and takes a fraction of the time. More

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