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How to Make a Take-Out Menu Binder

[Photographs: Design Sponge] If you're tired of rummaging through drawers and between couch cushions for the neighborhood's take-out and delivery menus, try making one of these super organized binders. All you need is a three-ring binder, some of those clear protective sheets, divider tabs, and creative juices. Follow artist Kate Pruitt's step-by-step instructions over on Design*Sponge. More DIY Projects How to Make a Grocery Planner How to Make Custom Table Placemats with Inkjet Transfers How to Make a Portable Picnic-in-a-Briefcase... More

DIY Grocery Planner and Templates

[Photograph: Design*Sponge] Artist Kate Pruitt of Design*Sponge shares instructions for how to make your own grocery planner featuring a clipboard, magnetic pen/receipt box, and customizable shopping list and menu templates for you to print out. It sure beats my method of writing on a Post-It. [via Lifehacker]... More

Make Custom Table Placemats with Inkjet Transfers

[Design*Sponge] How do you get that doughnut-strewn placemat you always wanted? Just make one yourself with iron-on transfer sheets! Design*Sponge has a tutorial that shows you how to do it. Print the images at actual size for the most realistic look. Related How to Make a Portable Picnic-in-a-Briefcase How to Make Nesting Doll Salt Shakers How to Make Fake Cupcakes... More

'The Polymer Clay Cookbook,' a Cookbook Devoted to Inedible Food Jewelry

Buttered toast necklace. Photographs from inediblejewelry on Flickr There's a very slim market for cookbooks involving ingredients that are not only tasteless but unavailable at grocery stores, and tinier than a dime. The shelf life of this food, however, is indefinite, and it looks cool with pretty much any outfit (as opposed to ketchup stains or coffee dribbles). Jessica and Susan Partain have been making miniature, inedible food for nearly 20 years. It all started when they were kids and discovered polymer clay at the craft store. With so many colors to play with, they crafted teeny chocolate-chip cookies, burgers, apples, and more. (They admit to raising some pretty well-fed dolls.) Flash forward to now—the two have made a... More

How to Make a Portable Picnic-in-a-Briefcase

For all those times you want to bring a little piece of vegetation and scenery around, designer Paige Russel at Design*Sponge has the thing for you: The Green Space Travel Case, made of an old briefcase fitted with turf, a wildlife scene, an ice pack, and your lunch.... More

How to Make Fake Cupcakes

Photographs by Jessie Oleson Looking for a new cupcake recipe? Make ones that are built to last and won't add to your daily intake of calories (because they're inedible) with Jessie Oleson's fake cupcake-making tutorial at Cakespy. All you need is some plaster of Paris, paint, and cupcake liners, and you're ready to go. These fake cupcakes aren't completely random; Jessie wants you to take cupcake art to the streets. Her cupcake street art project began in January when she dispersed fake cupcakes with uplifting messages around Seattle. Do the same in your neighborhood to spread some cheer (or confuse a bunch of people).... More

How to Make Nesting Doll Salt Shakers

Design*Sponge has a cute idea for what to do with blank nesting dolls: turn them into salt shakers! Or rather, "anything powdered" shakers. Suggestions include pepper, cinnamon sugar, and Parmesan cheese. Related Salt-n-Pepa Salt and Pepper Shakers Cute Salt and Pepper Shakers Film Canister Salt and Pepper Shakers... More

Crochet Your Own Pie Beret

Pie-rets combine two things that don't usually get paired: pies and berets. Thanks to Monster Crochet, you can now wear a fuzzy, inedible dessert on your head. The pumpkin pie-ret is appropriately garnished with "whipped creme," or a pointy white fuzz in the center of the hat. If you're a lattice crust person, go for the cranberry orange pie-ret (which could easily pass for cherry too). As far as the pecan pie-ret goes, the above model on the right makes a great case for it. All three were croched with an F hook. Sadly, no patterns were provided. Related Joy Kampia's Crocheted Hamburger Dress Crocheted Edibles Crochet Pizza Scarf... More

Paper Turkey for your Thanksgiving Tablescape

Save room on your Thanksgiving table for a paper turkey, because no matter how your real turkey turns out, it'll be more moist and delicious than its paper understudy. Tip: This would be a great activity to give the kids to keep them out of your way while you're in the kitchen. Print out one for each of your lil' pilgrims. It's tedious enough to keep them occupied for a while.... More

Tiny Table of Food

Charlotte and Martin Willmott have no formal training in tiny sculpture-making, but the husband-and-wife team impressively created this farmhouse table (£85) fit for a decent-sized beetle. The couple was first inspired 30 years ago by a man making 1/12th scale chairs. Today they live in Ipswich, England, and travel all over to miniature art fairs, where one of their mini Atlantic salmon goes for £45. Related Best Dinner Party Jewelry: Finger Food Rings Jewelry: Still Not Edible, But Close... More

Make This Bacon Tiara at Your Own Risk

The only way to become a true pork princess is to wear a tiara made of meat. And now you can by following The Anticraft's directions for making a bacon tiara! Be sure to follow all of the safety precautions; the meat paste ingredients include transglutaminase, a protein-binding enzyme. The directions say, "If any area of your body comes into contact with the transglutaminase, flush it thoroughly with water and consult a health care professional." Is the prospect of donning a meat tiara is worth the trouble? [via Boing Boing] Related Bacon Bra Molecular Gastronomy at the French Culinary Institute: Meat Glue Make Your Own Bacon Soap... More

DIY Recycled Candy Wrapper Bag

Don't throw out all those candy wrappers, especially now that candy prices are rising; get the most out of your raging sweet tooth by turning those wrappers into a handbag! Kika*de*colores made this bag out of 792 candy wrappers, along with paper from a phone book, yellow burlap, felt, and thread (here's a shot of the bag mid-construction). [via Craftzine]... More

Crochet Pizza Scarf

People keep hitting me with links to this crochet pizza scarf—or to other similar ones. It's not edible, but it's pretty cool. I tried to find a pattern for you but couldn't. If you're a whiz with the crochet hooks, you could probably figure it out and hook one up for yourself or your pizza-loving friend or family member. Yeah, it's a bit warm right now for a scarf, but you need something to do with your summer downtime, don't you? And now's the time to craft up cold-weather gear so you've got 'em done for fall. (Ergh. I... More

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