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Down South: Southern Rock Star Jason Isbell on Cracker Barrel, Cornbread Poetry, and More

Jed Portman 2 comments

"I love Cracker Barrel, actually. I think that by now I've been to every single location. The worst one is right outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The best is in Gary, Indiana, of all places—all the waitresses are great there, and everything is hot and fresh and fast." More

Chain Reaction: Cracker Barrel

A Hamburger Today Todd Brock 27 comments

Perhaps no restaurant chain is more closely associated with the Great American Road Trip than Cracker Barrel. Their ubiquitous billboards, telling you how many "miles ahead" the next location is, push big fluffy biscuits, down-home veggies, and warm peach cobbler. But I've never seen one spotlighting their burger. Now I know why. More

Cracker Barrel Bans Woman-Beating Suspect for Life

Erin Zimmer 1 comment

One Georgia man is not allowed to step foot into a Cracker Barrel ever again. The company banned him after he was accused of beating a mother at one of the restaurant-store's locations.... More

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