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The Chick-fil-A 2010 Calendar

[Image: Chick-fil-A] If you like puns, classic literature, and highly stylized photos of cows representing classic literature, the Chick-fil-A 2010 Cow Calendar is for you. Comes free with purchase of a $20 gift card, and each month comes with a different coupon. Related Profile of Chick-fil-A Founder S. Truett Cathy Throwdown: Chick-fil-A vs. McDonald's Southern Style Chicken Serious Sandwiches: Chick-Fil-A's Chick-n-Minis... More

Video: Moo and Oink Dance

If a cow and a pig had rap names, they'd obviously be Moo and Oink. They'd freestyle about chitlins, nuggets, baybeh baybeh baybeh spare ribs, and cube steak, and encourage audience participation, naturally. "Gimme a wave if you like catfish! Jump up if it's your favorite dish! Tommy likes ribs and chicken wingsssss. If you like them too lemme hear you scream!" Moo & Oink is an actual Chicago-based grocery chain and meat wholesaler with these two lovable mascots. (Pay special attention at about 0:20 when it gets all technofied. Turn it up!) The video, after the jump.... More

Emo Cows Are Very Sad

Emo Cows listen to Dashboard Confessional and wear tight pants, because they know you will eat them. They are so sad, they must sport the side-swept bangs. Such furry cattle with such raw emotions. [via Super Punch]... More

Soy Milk or Cow's Milk: Which Is More Eco-Friendly?

Whenever I admit to drinking soy milk, I immediately add a qualifier: "Only in coffee and cereal. Sometimes. I swear." I don't want to be pegged as a freaky full-time soy-milk drinker because at the core, I identify with "regular" milk. From cows. But every so often there's something about soy milk, especially vanilla, that adds a nice twist to an otherwise sludgy coffee. No offense to furry critters, but I don't drink soy milk for animal rights reasons or anything Mother Nature-related. I drink it because in certain contexts, it's really good. So when Slate reported this week that soy milk isn't necessarily better than cow's milk from an eco-perspective, I appreciated the insight but wasn't any less likely... More

Happy Cows Have Flat-Screen TVs

Flat-screen TVs and waterbeds are two of the comforts enjoyed by Kirk Christie's dairy cows on his farm in Iowa. The idea behind the frills is that cows will make more milk if they feel more comfortable—"Christie estimates his cows' milk production has increased 10 percent since he installed the waterbeds." Watching TV helps the cows get used to different kinds of voices, which prevents them from getting as nervous when they have to hear the different voice of people who visit the barn. Christie isn't the only farmer using this method to increase his milk production—the idea to use waterbeds on dairy farms originated in Europe more than a decade ago. Related Happy Cows Are Tastier Cows How to... More

How to Art Direct a Cow

The redesign of dairy trade magazine Dairy Today now features a "portrait" style photo of a cow on the cover of every issue to show their individual personalities. But how do you art direct cows who "don't have much personality"? Waving around and making noises kinda helps. [via notcot.org]... More

Happy Cows Are Tastier Cows

The Observer Food Monthly on the effects of long-term and short-term stress on the flavor and quality of beef. Cows that lead low-stress lives consistently taste better than their high-stress counterparts.... More

Things You Can't Do In Your Home Kitchen: The Boil A Cow Edition

It's tricky because they're so big, but cows are roasted on spits whole all the time. Boiled? Not so much. According to Weird Asia News, "during a Food Festival in Sheng Yang China, one company boiled a 1,500 lbs cow. It was 1.3 meters long and 2.5 meters high." The boiler itself was capable of containing three tons of water, and it took ten hours to boil the cow. (The photos might make you squeamish, so if you're in doubt don't click through!)... More

More debate on rBGH

Remember our post on Starbucks getting rid of milk from cows treated with rBGH in half its stores? Apparently, rBGH does not show up in milk--the fluid itself is rBGH free. However, cows given rBGH are at a much higher risk of mastitis, an udder infection usually treated with antibiotics, which do come through the milk. See the NRN Food Service Blog for a fleshing out of the semantics.... More

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