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How To Grill a Gigantic Rib-Eye Steak

Ultra-thick, Flintstone-sized double-cut bone-in big-enough-to-serve-two-fully-grown-Thundercats ribeye steaks (commonly referred to as "Cowboy Chops") require a bit of extra care when cooking. Their thick size makes them all too easy to end up with a burnt exterior and cold, raw middle. But here are some grilling tips to maximize that medium-rare center—you want to see pink from edge to edge—while still getting a nicely charred crust. More

We're Giving Away a Truly Great Steak This Weekend

As a bonus to this week's Cook the Book that featured the Lobels' Prime Time Grilling, we've got a gift certificate to give away this weekend only, courtesy of Lobel's. Not just any gift-certificate, either. A gift certificate for a huge, prime, dry-aged, bone-in ribyeye, our favorite cut of beef. This baby will feed two serious carnivores or four normal people. I have had one of these bad boys, and to eat one is a primal beef-eating experience. The gift card covers one (32-to-36-ounce) cowboy steak from Lobel's of New York. Don't live in New York? No biggie, pardner. Lobel's does mail-order; shipping is included here. To enter to win, answer the following questions in the comments: What's your favorite... More

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