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Have a Cold? Soothe Your Throat with These Remedies

Ah, winter, how I love the dripping noses, hacking cough, scratchy throat, and feverish glow. OK, not really, and we bet you don't either. That's why we rounded up our favorite cough and throat remedies to help ease your cold weather illnesses. Throat and Cough Drops Ricola Lemon Mint: Slightly astringent, these drops can be a little harsh for some people. I find them soothing, and the tart lemon makes me swallow less and therefore gives my dry throat a break. Honees Regular: These Italian candies by Ambrosoli Confectioners aren't necessarily meant to ease your cough, but the liquid honey center (in the red package) coats the throat just right. They also sell a Honees Cough Drop, which is... More

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