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Pie of the Week: Cottage Cheese Pie

It's time to breathe new life into the black sheep of the dairy family. The German classic recipe for cottage cheese pie elevates the once lowly ingredient to an almost cheesecake-like status, with a homey, heirloom taste that is pleasing for even the most diehard cottage cheese detractors. More

10 Ways to Dress Up Cottage Cheese

I have found that, stripped of its low carb associations, that cottage cheese can be a friend of one's tastebuds, and not just the waistline. If you can find whipped cottage cheese, it's positively decadent on a sliced banana, topped with honey, raisins and honey-roasted peanuts. (A delicious carb trifecta.) How else to use cottage cheese? More

How to Make Cottage Cheese

Savvy Housekeeping If you're in the habit of incorporating cottage cheese into your breakfast, you might want to know how to make it. It's pretty darn easy and makes good use of any milk you might have that's about to go bad. It takes only some vinegar, a thermometer, and cheesecloth—along with a colander and a pot. Savvy Housekeeping has the details.... More

Of Curds (and Whey)

Photograph from Wikimedia Commons As an American kid the phrase "curds and whey" entered my vocabulary at a bizarrely early age, though I had no idea what it meant. If cheese was a slick square-shaped orange sheet wrapped in clear plastic, then curds and whey must certainly have been some strange agrarian relic of a bygone era. So I was really shocked to learn, from Mr. Wizard of all people, that curds and whey was simply a stodgier term for a very normal food: cottage cheese. I have always been fond of cottage cheese, an admittedly simple food whose milky sweet taste almost plays second billing to its texture: chunky curds bathed in rich, smooth whey. And even though it... More

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