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TGI Fry-Day: Deep-Fried Cheese and More at the Tennessee Valley Fair

The man in the window told me that deep-fried cheddar tastes "just like a grilled cheese." He was wrong. It doesn't taste like anything but itself, like soft (but not melted) cheddar cheese, salty and tangy and set off by a crispy layer of fried dough. Deep-fried cheddar cheese is a dangerously good thing that could catch on as more than a fairground novelty. More

Blogwatch: Homemade Corn Dogs

Corn dogs are a guilty pleasure of mine, but whenever I buy them, the ratio of corn to dog is grievously in favor of corn. Solution? Make your own. Katie, of Chaos in the Kitchen, started a new feature on her blog, Blogging the Recession, in which she keeps track of the cost breakdown of her meals. Her homemade corn dogs are cheap, freezable, and probably the "healthiest" corn dogs you'll ever eat.... More

Blogwatch: Homesick Texan's Homemade Corny Dogs

Lisa Fain, the Homesick Texan, may wax nostalgic for her home state's fair, but she refuses to go without just because she lives in New York. While pining for Fletcher's corny dogs, she develops a recipe of her own: use turkey or tofu dogs, or add jalapeños or chipotles to the corn bread batter. But she makes hers plain and old-fashioned, much like she'd always had at the Texas State Fair: "And that’s the best thing about corny dogs; no matter how old you are they always make you feel like you’re a kid again." Who says fried food on a stick isn't the best thing ever?... More

Bacon Corn Dog Ice Cream Is the Greatest

Ice cream made with bacon fat and mixed with chopped bacon sounds pretty awesome, but you know how it could be even better? By adding mini corn dogs! Bacon corn dog ice cream is the brainchild of James Boo of The Eaten Path. With the help of two friends, this flavor—"the greatest ice cream I have ever tasted," according to James—became a reality. After reading his description, I'd have to agree with him: ... [W]hile the taste of bacon emerged as a subtle undercurrent, the richness of the mixture was downright devilry. Sensations of maple, meat, and brown sugar streamed from the spoon in deceptively smooth ribbons of flavor, each more consummate than the last. The fresh bacon bits... More

Birthplace of the Corn Dog

My friend Andrew found this beautiful bus stop ad in Chicago recently. Designed just like a World War II-era poster, of a caped nurse cradling a corn dog in the crook of her arm like a baby and feeding it from a mustard bottle, it urges you to visit Springfield's own Cozy Dog Drive In, the birthplace of the corn dog. It's part of a series of vintage-styled advertisements from the Illinois Bureau of Tourism for their Offbeat Illinois campaign, meant to highlight quirky attractions around the state. I love the corn dog poster best and am planning to get one for my wall, but you can buy any of the other advertisements (the Butter Cow and World's Largest... More

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