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Serious Grape: Embracing Corkage Fees

On Fridays, Deb Harkness of Good Wine Under $20 drops by with Serious Grape. Photograph from neeta_lind on Flickr I love going out to eat, but do not love the high cost of mediocre wine service that often accompanies it. Warm red wine, insipid wine list selections, and astronomical markups have finally convinced me that the time has come, wine lovers, to bring wine to restaurants. That means it's time to stop complaining and start embracing corkage fees. Corkage fees are charges that restaurants assess on diners who bring their own wine to dinner. There is usually a flat fee (on average $5 to $20 per bottle), and it's meant to soften the blow to the restaurant's bottom line that... More

A Win-Win in San Francisco With Reduced Corkage Fees

There's now anecdotal evidence from at least one restaurant in San Francisco that reducing corkage fees (the charge a restaurant applies when you bring your own wine in) benefits not only diners but restaurateurs. Frank Klein at Fish & Farm charges $5 instead of the average $20 and has reported that about 40 percent of the tables taking advantage of the new policy also buy a bottle from the restaurant. Plus, they're bringing in some really interesting wines, Klein says.... More

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