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13 Great Breakfasts in the West Village

New York Linnea Zielinski 4 comments

The West Village is one of New York's more receptive neighborhoods to lingering breakfasts, from busy coffee shops to lazy cafes, no shortage of all-day bistros and a wealth of bakeries. So where do we go to start the day while we're there? That depends on the mood: doughnut or croissant, French scrambled eggs or Cuban heuvos rancheros? More

13 Great Late Night Bites in Chelsea

New York Tiffany Tay Post a comment

Near the Meatpacking District but with more class, Chelsea has its own share of late night bites worth a trip: pizza, tapas, Japanese bar food...and more tapas, along with some duck noodle soup for good measure. More

Where to Take a First or Second Date: 40 Affordable Restaurants in NYC

New York Tiffany Tay 17 comments

Here's a question we get time and again: where can I take a date for good food without breaking the bank? And can I do it without looking like a cheapskate? Yes you can, and here are 40 ways to do so. More

25 Pork Sandwiches We Love in NYC

New York Hally Wolhandler 13 comments

It's hard not to love a pork sandwich. Chicken is great, but nothing matches pork's flavor, fat and versatility (pulled! smoked! cured!). Whether it's juicy barbecue or salty soppressata, pork is kind of our favorite thing to see between two slices of bread. We combed through our sandwiches archives for 25 pork sandwiches that we salivate just to think about. More

18 Great Chicken Sandwiches in NYC

New York Molly Goldman 15 comments

A really good chicken sandwich can be hard to find; so many are dry or stringy or downright boring. But great chicken—juicy, flavorful, maybe with some crisp skin in the mix—is perfect sandwich fodder. You can't really beat fried chicken on a bun, but it's just as good grilled and stacked with avocado, roasted and slicked with fat...or, well, we'll let this list of chicken sandwich stars speak for itself. More

Hangover Helper: Empanadas and Croquetas at Coppelia, NYC

Drinks Max Falkowitz 1 comment

As often as not, my mornings after leave me feeling repulsed by anything more than a small bite of food to make the worst of the pain go away. For mornings like these, something small and a little greasy is just what I'm looking for. And the empanadas and croquetas de queso at Coppelia's are just the thing. More

The Vegan Experience Days 22 and 23: Charting My Cravings

The Vegan Experience J. Kenji López-Alt 62 comments

As a quick exercise to chart out my cravings, I decided to plot various foods on an arbitrary "meatiness" to "crave factor" scale. Take a look at that chart and you'll see that outside of a few major outliers (I will always love April Bloomfield's Spotted Pig Burger, and I've never been much of a cookie or ice cream eater), for the most part there is a solid diagonal line that runs from most-meaty-least-craved to least-meaty-most-craved. Seeing it all laid out like this is pretty interesting to me. What does it mean? More

A Sandwich a Day: Pan Con Lechon at Coppelia

New York Carrie Vasios Mullins 2 comments

The Pan Con Lechon ($8.90) from Coppelia is a sandwich for pork lovers. More

NYC's Top 10 Ice Cream Sandwiches

New York Kathy YL Chan 8 comments

Could there be anything more glorious than a perfectly constructed ice cream sandwich? Whether the filling be ice cream, gelato, or sorbet, and whether the cookie element be an actual cookie, brownie, or something else entirely, the variations are endless. Here are our ten favorites in the city. More

Coppelia: The 24-Hour Cuban Diner We Didn't Know We Needed

New York Carey Jones 11 comments

Some restaurants open to fill a clear need—and some restaurants strike a note so right that they seem as if they were needed all along. I didn't know that 14th Street needed a 24-hour Cuban diner, polished but homey, Latin-and-American, with cheery yellow walls and remarkable desserts and Maná and Juanes as the soundtrack. But now that I've been, it seems the most logical idea in the world. More

A Sandwich a Day: Arepa at Coppelia

New York Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

Reina Pepiada is a traditional South American sandwich in which grilled cornmeal arepas are filled with shredded chicken, mayonnaise and avocado. More

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