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The Ultimate Memorial Day Recipe Guide

We've spent the last week putting together a series of recipe guides to help you out by the grill this weekend. Here they are, all in one place. You'll find chicken, steak, sausages (homemade and storebought), hot dogs, pork, barbecue, vegetables, and drinks, make-ahead desserts, and all manner of finger foods. All you need to provide the grill, some will, and a lawn chair with a cupholder and coozy for Uncle Jesse. More

Chain Reaction: Cook-Out in North Carolina

Ever been to a Cook-Out? Not just a backyard barbecue; a chain restaurant that's called "Cook-Out" and serves a menu just like it sounds. The Greensboro location of this North Carolina-based chain has a drive thru on both sides of the building. For those who are motor-less, they also offer a walk-up. But there's nowhere inside to go; it's called Cook-Out for a reason. More

Ten Steps to the Perfect Cheeseburger

Before you fire up the grill for one last summer cookout, check out these ten steps to the perfect burger from the blog Al Dente. The takeaways? Weigh your patties to ensure even portions (and therefore even cooking time), don't be afraid to salt, and follow what we'll call the 3-2-1 rule: Grill for three minutes on the first side, two minutes on the flip, add cheese, and cook for one minute more. Any more tips for grilling the perfect burger?... More

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