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Video: Cooking Mama 3 Trailer

Cooking Mama, everyone's favorite spatula-wielding virtual lady, is back with more. Cooking Mama 3 Shop & Chop for Nintendo DS is scheduled to hit stores in November. It will feature a new grocery shopping element since, you know, it was a little odd before how pixelated ramen would just appear in the kitchen. Now you can buy the ingredients first! Ah, much more rational. The new edition will feature 80 "fresh" recipes including Korean barbecue, mochi with edamame paste, and lemon pie. The trailer, after the jump.... More

Nintendo DS Cooking Guide Will Help You Make Dinner

Forget lugging around your cookbooks: now the Nintendo DS can help you cook your meals. Nintendo will release Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat? in the U.S. this fall. Unlike Cooking Mama, where you play a series of mini-games like slicing carrots or separating egg yolks to make a virtual dish, Cooking Guide provides real, step-by-step recipes with helpful photos so that you can actually cook along in the kitchen. It even provides a glossary to explain terminology and ingredients for those who feel completely clueless. Perfect for the foodie gamer.... More

'Cooking Mama: World Kitchen' Preview

Judging from the video after the jump below, it looks like Cooking Mama: World Kitchen for the Nintendo Wii, is going to be a much-improved version of the original game, Cooking Mama: Cook Off. The video is a developer walk-through, and it seems like the game's creators were very much aware of the difficulties of the original Cooking Mama's game-play mechanics, which made it so frustrating as to be almost unplayable. The new version features three-dimensional characters instead of disembodied hands, fun-looking mini games, and a super-cute feature where Cooking Mama grabs your character to prevent you from adding the wrong ingredient at the wrong time. Video after the jump.... More

Wii Cooking Mama Back, Now With 3D Graphics

Mama will no longer cut her lemons and slice her steak on a flat plate. She's getting 3D-ified, not to mention a cuter canine sous chef. According to WiiFanBoy, Cooking Mama: World Tour, the updated version of Cooking Mama: Cook Off, will be released this holiday season with new recipes, a Wii remote feature with cooking and chopping simulations and, most exciting of all, mistake-induced "minigames." That's right: Ma's rewarding you for kitchen faux pas. Flip a burger too high, for example, and she'll rush over to save the patty in her apron pouch. More in this Majesco Entertainment press release. Related Introducing Cooking Mama on Nintendo DS... More

In the News: Jamie Oliver's School Food Fails; U.S. Farm Bill Hits Snag; Cooking Mama 2

Food safety concerns may stall farm bill: "Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., said she will block the Senate bill if it includes a House-passed provision that would allow some smaller meat processing plants to opt out of federal meat inspections in favor of state inspections. The bill hasn't even emerged from committee yet." [Associated Press] Food crises in Zimbabwe deepens: Bakeries are closing for lack of flour in the country once known as the "breadbasket of Africa." [Voice of America] Italians plan "vote" against genetically modified food: As opposition wanes in North and South American, Italy is hoping to renew Europe's stand against "Frankenfoods." [Reuters] U.K. egg supply threatened: If prices aren't raised, farmers say they won't have incentive to... More

Cooking Mama DS

If you're reading a food blog (like, say, this one) and you have a Nintendo DS, you're probably the target market for Majesco's Cooking Mama DS game, in which you use the DS stylus to prep and cook a multitude of yummy recipes in fun mini games, as dictated to you by the titular Mama. One Amazon reviewer, on the gameplay: "When preparing a pan-fried fish, you'll have to go through the coating of the fish slices, the melting of the butter, the actual pan-frying and the arranging of the plate. Each process in turn involves different ways of doing things. Coating the fish slices, for example, requires you to drag your stylus in a left-right manner while touching... More

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