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I Just Had to Try It

Megs no Z said: I love it. I'm ashamed to say that one of my favorite pizza's is a no-cheese double pineapple on thin crust from Domino's! Something about the combination of pineapple, oregano, and sauce is just nommy. I've been known to lightly saute pineapple and oregano together at home and then dip it in pizza sauce for a snack. Putting on a pizza is just a cleaner delivery vehicle! You mean like this? [Photograph: Adam Kuban] See also: I Love Pineapple Pizza and Pineapple Pizza — Way or No Way?... More

Cakespy on Why Whoopie Pies Ain't All That

Photograph from The Cooking of Joy Cakespy's Jessie Oleson gives the "whoopie pies are the next big thing" movement a good ol' Bronx cheer: Problem one: The Stupid Name. There's no delicate way to say it: Whoopie Pie is a stupid-sounding name. For me, "whoopie" conjures up goofy images of sexual reference on the Newlywed Show and cushions that make farting sounds. I don't know about you, but even adding "pie" after it doesn't serve to cancel out these associations or change them to "irresistible dessert". Ms. Oleson also has problems with "the cute factor" (not much, she says) and their size (too big). I, for one, would still rather eat, look at, or read about whoopie pies than,... More

Why The Hate For Alice Waters?

The food world may have no more polarizing figure than Alice Waters. On the one hand, her acclaimed restaurant Chez Panisse hasn’t fallen out of favor for nearly four decades, her Edible Schoolyard has taught decades of schoolchildren the importance of fresh foods, and her work for the Slow Foods Movement has been impassioned and tireless. Yet, as Laura Shapiro points out in this month’s Gourmet, Waters has become a figure of endless censure, attracting criticism like a magnet does iron shavings. And in recent months, these digs have morphed into outright insults. She’s often called arrogant, self-righteous, and out of touch… or, perhaps even more damning, downright irrelevant. Here at Serious Eats, we’ve seen our own share of Alice-bashing.... More

Risqué Orangina Ads Stir Controversy

Bow-chicka-bow-wow sums up recent ads for Orangina, where an anthropomorphized animal kingdom shakes, shimmies, and lap dances, wearing lingerie and strategically-placed leaves. It's quite a jump from the vintage French ones with an orange peel serving as a harmless umbrella. The commercial itself is even worse. Soda bottles explode between the thighs of zebras, then squirt onto the chests of other animals. Not sure how much that and a scantily-clad gazelle fits into the fizzy French soda vision. Parents and children groups are offended, as reported in the Independent, inspiring the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) to reconsider the ad. Do you think it meets the standards of good taste and decency? Watch the Orangina commercial after the jump. [via... More

Mayor Closes Children Produce Stand for Lack of Permits

Mayor Gregory Manning in Clayton, California is losing major credibility with kids right now. According to ABC News, he doesn't think two young ladies, three-year old Katie Lewis and her eleven-year old sister Sabrina Lewis, should manage a street corner produce stand where they once sold surplus crops like zucchini and melon from their family's garden. When the police recently showed up, they shuttered the stand for violating zoning and traffic laws, only because of one complaint to the mayor's office. "They may start out with a little card table selling a couple of things, but who's to say what else they have," warned Manning, who fears for a raucous future involving eggs and chicken sales. In response, Sabrina... More

Real Girls Eat Whatever They Want

Photograph from Just Jared In response to Jessica Simpson's meat-lovin' t-shirt—now available through the 23rd from Primehouse New York—PETA came up with "Top Five Reasons Only Stupid Girls Brag About Eating Meat." It's nothing we haven't heard from PETA before; the reasons are generally valid warnings about breast cancer and the environment, couched in PETA's typical propaganda rhetoric. But reason number four, "Meat will make you fat", is just plain offensive—especially since the post described Simpson as best known for "her ability to proportionately fill out daisy dukes" and expressed hope that "the upcoming 'Jessica Simpson's Intimates' line comes in plus sizes." Excuse me, PETA, but whether we choose to eat a nice juicy steak or a big bowl of... More

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