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Ground Pork and Corn Congee (Chinese Rice Porridge)

A staple for breakfast and lunch in many Asian countries, congee is rice and water (or broth) cooked down into a thick porridge. Everyone does it slightly different. It can be cooked using different grains of rice, different kinds and amounts of liquid, and different cooking times. Every choice can affect the final flavor and consistency. After much trial and error, I've arrived at the ideal recipe for a congee that's silky and comforting instead of sludgy or overly heavy. More

Sunday Brunch: Empty Fridge Congee

After the holiday season, cupboards run bare, and stomachs become sensitive. There is one dish that overcomes the first problem while beginning to alleviate the second—congee. It's a rice porridge that can be very complex, or very simple. Which means that whatever you've got lying around, you can make into a very soothing bowl of congee. More

Cooking the Perfect Pot of Asian Porridge

"When life gives you bad rice, make porridge." [Photographs: Chichi Wang] Quiet dinners at home usually begin with my rice cooker. Using the plastic measuring cup that comes with the cooker, I scoop out exactly one cup, fill the basin to the requisite water level, and the all-important matter of having perfectly cooked rice to accompany my meal is done. Except this time around, I couldn't locate the measuring cup. I rifled through my cabinets and found, among other choice items, ten different types of flours (when was the last time I used that bag of fava bean flour?), five separate bags of glutinous rice, and several cans of coconut milk strewn about, each purchased absentmindedly for fear of running... More

Snapshots from Asia: Jook

Photographs by Shimin Wong Most of us think of comfort food as fat food: creamy risottos and pastas, hearty stews, buttery mashed potatoes, mayo sandwiches, hot chocolate, cheesecake, hot fudge sundaes. In Asia, there are a host of dishes people make a beeline for when they get off a plane, return from grueling military training, or when they've had a rotten day—dishes I affectionately call "a highway to a heart attack." (A straw poll will likely turn up "lard" and wok hei or "wok's breath—the essence imparted by a hot wok to food"—as determining factors in succor-level.) One would imagine the ultimate comfort food to be riddled with saturated fat and swimming in carcinogens then. Interestingly, this granddaddy of... More

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