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What to do With Leftover Condensed Milk

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins 17 comments

Ask some members of this staff what to do with leftover condensed milk—for example, if you had the remnants of a giant taste test to find out the best brand lying around your office—and they'd say: drink it straight. Or they might put it in their coffee or tea, Southeast Asian style. But condensed milk is actually the secret ingredient in a huge variety of sweets, and here are some of our favorite ideas. More

Java Good Night

Serious Eats Lizz Schumer 1 comment

This rum-laced take on Thai iced coffee is made with Blue Bottle's New Orleans-style cold brew coffee. More

Sauced: Dulce de Leche

Sauced Joshua Bousel 24 comments

This rich Latin American sauce made by caramelizing sweetened condensed milk can be used to top your sweets, but its so good that there's no shame in grabbing a spoon and just going at it all on its own. More

Dulce de Leche

Serious Eats Joshua Bousel 6 comments

This rich Latin American sauce, made by caramelizing sweetened condensed milk ,can be used to top so many sweets, but its so good that there's no shame in grabbing a spoon and just going at it all on its own. More

No-Churn Lime Ice Cream Pie (No Ice Cream Maker Required!)

Sweets Max Falkowitz 2 comments

We have an excellent key lime pie on this site, and a super-easy, sweet and salty icebox lime pie for those pressed for time. This pie is a hybrid of both: a real graham cracker crust filled with sweet-tart condensed milk-flavored custard, but even easier, cooler, and more refreshing than your standard pie. More

Let Them Eat: Tender Citrus Sour Cream Cake

Sweets Stephanie Stiavetti 1 comment

You'll find this cake moist, tender, and citrusy, holding a touch of spice from pungent cinnamon. The whole things is soaked with a mixture of condensed milk and heavy cream, then covered with a generous blanket of ultra-smooth Swiss buttercream frosting after a brief spell in the icebox. This cake doesn't need layers to be decadent or awesome. More

Tender Citrus Sour Cream Cake

Serious Eats Stephanie Stiavetti Post a comment

This quick, tender cake calls on orange zest for its bright flavor, making it the perfect springtime treat. A generous helping of creamy Swiss buttercream wraps the whole thing in a smooth blanket of sugary joy. More

My Thai: Grilled Pineapple with Coconut-Condensed Milk-Butter Sauce

My Thai Leela Punyaratabandhu 3 comments

What we have here is the tart, sweet flavor of pineapple that's intensified through the process of grilling and amped up by the smoky aroma, covered in a sweet creamy sauce with a hint of coconut. It's a cook-out favorite. More

My Thai: Thai Tea Cake with Condensed Milk Custard Sauce

My Thai Leela Punyaratabandhu 5 comments

Traditional Thai dessert? Nah. Good? Yes. This tender, Thai tea-infused cake sitting in a pool of rich condensed milk custard sauce reminds you of, what else? Thai tea with condensed milk. More

10-Minute Lime Cracker Pie

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 25 comments

This is a four ingredient, ten minute, better-than-homemade-sweet-potato-pie dessert. Could you ask for anything more out of a recipe? More

Coffee Chronicles: Vietnamese Coffee Converts The Purist

New York Allison Hemler 9 comments

"If the iced version was blended and topped with whipped cream, it could knock a Frappuccino out of the park." [Photographs: Allison Hemler] The thought of putting an inch of half-and-half and three sugar packets into eight ounces of coffee... More

Grocery Ninja: What to Do With Condensed Milk

Wan Yan Ling 85 comments

My colleagues have never used condensed milk in anything other than the likes of lemon meringue pie, fudge, flan, and random candies. I have therefore taken it upon myself to spread the good word on condensed milk: its versatility, its economy, its utter gloriousness. More

'Sex in a Tin'

Raphael 1 comment

April Bloomfield, on reduced condensed milk.... More

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