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More NYC Greenmarkets Accepting Compost

New York Jenny Lee-Adrian Post a comment

Starting today, more Greenmarkets in New York City will accept food scraps to create compost as part of a GrowNYC pilot program that runs now until June 25. More

Confirmed: The New Sun Chips Compostable Bag Is Crazy Loud

Erin Zimmer 40 comments

There's been a lot of talk lately about the Sun Chips compostable bag—"the world's first 100% compostable chip package," the bag clarifies. Also, quite possibly the world's loudest. In a Wall Street Journal piece, the sound was compared to a revving motorcycle, glass breaking, and a jet cockpit. We wanted to get our ears blasted, so Leah went out and grabbed us a bag. Watch the video to see what we mean! But maybe not in a library. More

Chicago Schools Teaching Kids To Compost

Carey Jones 4 comments

[Photo: Chicago Tribune] When I was in elementary school, we were all taught the Three Rs: "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." But Chicago public schools are going much farther in their efforts to be environmentally friendly, and helping students to do the same. A great piece in the Chicago Tribune about teaching kids to compost: Zero-waste initiatives at schools across the Chicago area have students aggressively reducing the garbage they produce and trying to avoid anything not biodegradable. Now they're separating food, determining what can and can't be composted. They do the composting themselves in outdoor bins or with worm composting in the classroom. They're learning how to reuse paper towels and use fewer of them. And they're no longer taking... More

75 Things You Can Compost, But Thought You Couldn't

Robyn Lee 6 comments

Paper towel rolls, dryer lint, stale crackers, sticky notes, latex balloons, feathers, and more can go in your compost bin. For more, check out Planet Green's list of 75 Things You Can Compost, But Thought You Couldn't. [via The Kitchn]... More

A Guide to Composting in Brooklyn

New York Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Where to buy countertop pails, what farmers' markets will let you dump scraps, and, if you really want to go there, where to buy worms. Brooklyn Based has wisdom to share.... More

Market Scene: Mâche; Compost Overload; Roots

New York Kerry Saretsky Post a comment

Salad Greens. Photograph from Trinity on Flickr Mary Had a Little Lamb's Lettuce: Mâche, tiny mesclun, salad greens, and sprouts herald in spring at Union Square Greenmarket [Lucy's Greenmarket Report] Talkin' Trash: Fort Greene residents have been so zealous about... More

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