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Do You Compost Your Food Scraps?

With the recent announcement that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is piloting a composting program in Staten Island, we were curious—how many of the serious eaters out there compost their food scraps? In his speech, Bloomberg shared that New Yorkers put about 1.2 million tons of food in landfills each year at a cost of $80 per ton. An organic waste recycling program would save the city money while producing fertilizer. More

How to Start Your Own Compost

Summer is the perfect time to start a new garden, or make your current garden even more awesome. No matter what your level of gardening expertise, you can start your own compost to enrich your soil and help your plants grow to their greatest potential. Composting is the process of combining kitchen scraps, dry material from your yard, and other organic matter (including soil) into a big pile—and then letting it sit, stirring occasionally. As well as helping your plants flourish, it's a great way to reduce your kitchen waste and use up all those weeds and other garden materials. More

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