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Video: Skittles Commercials with Trale Lewous

Trale Lewous loves Skittles more than anyone else in the world, and he won't let anything get in his way when it comes to spreading his love. It doesn't matter that he can't pronounce their name correctly ("skit-TELS"), or that his grammar is off, or that he only has one outfit, or that he's a buffoon. No one else is as passionate about Skittles as he is. More

Video: Coffee Jerks

Why you should buy Folgers coffee: because if you're a wife you're completely inept at making coffee and want to please your husband, and if you're a husband you're tired of drinking your wife's crummy coffee, which turns you into a mega jerk. That seems to be the way it went in the '50s and '60s, according to this video. More

Video: Happy Hot Dog Man Infomercial

Make your dinner a wiener with Happy Hot Dog Man, the kid-safe tool that cuts those boring 'ol meat logs into floppy, sort of human-shaped figures! According to their infomercial, a world with normal hot dogs is desaturated and devoid of fun; add Happy Hot Dog Man for a world of color and endless smiles! More

Video: New Skittles Ad, Cute Cat and Weird Man Involved

Check out this new Skittles "Touch The Rainbow" commercial and prepare to be cuted-out, followed by totally weirded-out. I honestly wish the commercial was just the first half but for much longer. As it stands, it reminds me of the weird Burger King "Creepy King" ads. Enough with the creepiness already—bring on more cute, please! You all with me here? Watch the video and decide. More

Video: Fluffernutter Commercial

If you're going to eat a marshmallow creme and peanut butter sandwich at least once a year, today's the day: It's National Fluffernutter Day! Break out those jars of Fluff and peanut butter and go to town. Get in the mood by watching this Fluffernutter commercial. More

Video: 'Pizza Hut Is Much More Awesome in Other Countries'

Zach "Midtown Lunch" Brooks writes: Knowing you, this was probably on Slice a million years ago — but just in case it wasn't, here you go :-) ------------------------------------------------------------ Actually, we've featured a lot of wacky pizza videos from Asia, but this is the first time this particular one, from South Korea, has crossed my desk. Thanks, Zach!... More

Video: Women in Modern Beer Ads

Remember the good ole days when beer commercials didn't portray women as shrewish, crazyfaced people? When they would flop around in congo lines, usually string bikini-clad? According to Erin Gibson, host of Current TV's show Modern Lady, those days are over. "Women in beer commercials have gone from big-boobied eye candy to the enemy." (And that "to the enemy" part was in a slow-mo voice, which there should be a font for.) According to Gibson, humiliating ladyfolk physically or psychologically is the norm for beer companies these days. Have you noticed a shift in the representation of women in beer ads? More

Video: Chipwich Ice Cream Sandwich Commercial

Richard LaMotta, creator of the Chipwich—two large chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream smooshed in between—died last week at the age of 67. In 1982, he first dispatched 60 street-cart vendors selling the dessert sandwich and a few hours later, all 25,000 of them had been gobbled—"the start of something big." If you don't have two cookies and some ice cream nearby to honor the Chipwich inventor, find some later, and in the meantime, watch this old commercial. More

Video: Japanese Banana Commercials

When I think of banana commercials, the only thing that comes to my mind is the Chiquita Banana version. But in Japan, there are lots, lots more. Involving dancing kids wearing yellow suits. And a guy who sprouts bananas out of his head. And kids crying banana tears. Stuff like that. More

Video: Interview with Juan Hermosillo, the Guy Tossing Pizzas in the Visa Commercial

If you're asking yourself, "Who is the pizza guy in the Visa commercial?" you're not alone. Since Visa started airing the commercial again about a month ago, I've seen a spike in keyword searches coming from Google, where people are looking to ID the pizza-tosser. As we've pointed out before, his name is Juan Hermosillo, and he's a member of the United States Pizza Team, which describes itself as "a group of pizza-makers and dough acrobats whose goal is to bring the world's attention to the talent and camaraderie of the pizza industry." Mr. Hermosillo works for Canadian chain... More

Video: Japanese Cup Noodle Commercial with Cheese and Pepper Aliens

It's the same old story: One moment you're just sitting in the forest under a light snowfall while enjoying a cup of Milk Seafood Cup Noodles, then Cheese and Pepper aliens suddenly jump out from behind the trees and shoot cheese and pepper out of their fingertips and into your cup. Soon your screams of horror turn into gushes of gastronomic delight. Thus is the magic of Cheese and Pepper aliens. And instant noodles. More

Video: Weird IHOP Commercial (1969)

This IHOP commercial from 1969 features everything you love about America's favorite house of pancakes: happy family members running in slow motion while carrying giant clusters of balloons, a voiceover that sounds like a chipmunk, unappetizing-looking food...wait, what? More

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