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Video: Kate Upton's Southwest Patty Melt Commercial for Carl's Jr. and Hardees

In grand Carl's Jr./Hardee's tradition of making commercials featuring attractive women eating burgers in exaggeratedly sensual ways—Paris Hilton, Padma Lakshmi, Audrina Patridge, and Miss Turkey—model Kate Upton stars in this commercial for their latest burger, the Southwest Patty Melt topped with jalapeño slices, grilled onions, pepper Jack cheese, and spice Santa Fe sauce on grilled sourdough bread. More

Latest from McDonald's in China: Mashed Potato Burger

Looks like the newest burger for the "manly man" (as described in this commercial's title, "Beef 2012 Manly Man Campaign") at McDonald's in China features two beef patties, bacon, and...a hefty glob of mashed potatoes? The commercial starts by calling their beef patty "good," then the bacon "better," and finally, the mashed potato "best." Knowing how tasty McDonald's beef patties are, this may very well be the correct order of ingredient deliciousness. More

Video: Russian Burger King Rap Commercial

This commercial for Burger King in Russia features a woman getting a gigantic BK tattoo, a fire breathing chef, ballerinas, a celestial lady riding a unicorn, a guy whose shoes are on fire, a levitating woman, a levitating tomato, a family with gold teeth, and other things you'll find only at the world's most happening/weird Burger King. (I'll assume it makes more sense if you understand Russian. ...Or maybe not.) More

Video: Carl's Jr.'s Turkey Burger Commercial with Miss Turkey

As they're wont to do, Carl's Jr. is promoting their new line of charbroiled turkey burgers with a commercial featuring a bikini-clad woman eating a burger. But not just any woman: They got Miss Turkey, Gizem Memiç, to eat their turkey burger. And it's not just any bikini: This bikini's pattern is made up of tiny pictures of the burger. If you forget what this commercial is promoting, you're probably not paying any attention. More

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