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SE Staff Picks: Fall Comfort Foods We Love Eating

The Serious Eats Team 25 comments

Fall is officially here! All those summer berries and watermelons were great and all, but we're ready for the gourds, apples, pears, and warm autumnal flavors. We're especially excited to dig into these soups, pies, roasted veggies, and more of our favorite fall comfort foods. More

Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Feel-Bad Food

Caroline Russock 11 comments

For last week's Weekend Cook and Tell challenge we wanted to know what you all like to cook and eat when you're feeling a bit rough around the edges. In a challenge we dubbed Feel Bad Food, we asked for your best recipes for when you're sick, hungover, or just a little blue. Here's a look at some of our responses that are such to detox, hydrate, comfort, and reenergize. More

Mixed Review: Classic Crème Brûlée for 45¢, No Blowtorch Required

Lucy Baker 20 comments

Last Friday, Great Britain's Daily Telegraph reported that "sales of custard over the last six months have increased by 20 per cent compared to the same period last year." The global financial crisis has reached a frightening crescendo, and consumers are attempting to "ward off the economic crisis with nursery fare from their childhood." What's true in England is also true here in the United States: the popularity of cheap, comforting foods such as boxed macaroni and cheese and instant chocolate pudding is on the rise. More people are cutting back on food costs by staying home and cooking for themselves, and the meals they are making are often composed of bargain staples and pre-made ingredients. But just because... More

Poutine: Curdy Canadian Comfort

Serious Cheese Jamie Forrest 24 comments

Our Quebecois cousins to the North may speak a different language and enjoy the solace of universal health-care, but when it comes to comfort food their North American tendencies peek through in the form of poutine, a fancy word for cheese fries with gravy. More

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