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College Tours: Where to Eat Near Rice University, Houston

Rice is situated near the heart of Houston, which boasts some of the best and most diverse eating options in the country. Chinese, Cuban, French, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese eateries are represented, and often more than one of each, plus there are several cafés including a dedicated crêperie. More

College Tours: Where to Eat Near Tulane University in New Orleans

New Orleans is an incredible education in eating for out-of-state college students. Upscale yet approachable restaurants school guileless youths in fine dining, but this is ultimately a casual eating town where oysters on the half shell and crawfish are washed down with a cold Abita beer. There's constant exposure to Louisiana specialties like boiled crab, boudin, and even alligator. Surviving multiple Mardi Gras celebrations will give you the skills to handle absolutely any type of future partying situation. More

College Tours: Where to Eat Near USC

If you've never been to the University of Southern California, you'll likely be surprised at what I'm about to say: USC is not in a nice neighborhood. Well, it's not bad, necessarily, but Tommy Trojan's campus environment is certainly lacking in an abundance of collegiate charm. But the mix of Korean, Mexican, Central American, Armenian and African-American cultures means there's always something delicious waiting to be discovered. Here are some of our campus-convenient favorites. More

College Tours: Where to Eat Near Colby College

Don't be discouraged by the restaurant sign at Exit 127: There's more to Waterville, Maine than Applebee's, McDonald's, and Pizza Hut. Like raspberry pie and hot mulled cider, lobster rolls as big as Philly cheesesteaks, the best apricot jam in New England, tire-sized pumpkin pancakes, and Thai curry to rival any at big-city restaurants. More

College Tours: Where to Eat Near Wesleyan University

When I started as a freshman at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, I wasn't optimistic about the food options around town. But by the time I graduated last spring, I'd discovered that Middletown has way more to offer than meets the eye. From a Thanksgiving turkey sandwich that will rival your grandmother's turkey dinner to some of the best hash browns on the planet, check out my favorite spots around Wes. More

Hot Dog of the Week: Pauly Dogs on Duke's Campus in Durham, NC

Pauly Dogs opened for business outside of Duke's campus almost 15 years ago, a crazy hot dog cart run by former bartender and pizzeria cook Paul Konstanzer. Since moving to Duke's West Campus Plaza in 2007—along with other carts like Locopops and the Carribean Kitchen—Pauly has established a loyal cult following with 52 (and growing!) varieties of hot dogs and hundreds of toppings. More

College Activists Gather for the Food Justice Summit, March for Farmworker Rights

The Summit, sponsored by the Real Food Challenge, sought to unite college students from across the Northeast who are involved in developing sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and delicious food programs at their universities. It was co-sponsored by the Food Project, an amazing initiative in Boston that brings urban and suburban teenagers to inner-city farms. These students learn how to garden, eat healthily, and rally others for food justice and access. More

Providence, Rhode Island: Where to Eat on College Hill

The area surrounding Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design in downtown Providence is dubbed "College Hill." The name primarily references Thayer Street, a main hang-out for local college and high school students. However, good eats can be found in the surrounding areas as well. I've found that students on the Hill are willing to cast their nets far and wide to seek out some good food. Here's just a small selection of some of the best places to eat in this fun college town. More

Massive Keg Damage Causes College Town to Install Rubber Sidewalk

Photograph of kegs from ©iStockPhoto.com/Lagui; photograph of sidewalks from rubbersidewalks.com Damage caused by excessive unloading of beer kegs on Chamberlain Street in Ames, Iowa, has caused the city to install a rubber sidewalk this week. "Over time, heavy kegs hitting the pavement damaged the concrete, causing impact damage points, and then larger cracks formed throughout the sidewalk." Rather than repair the damaged concrete over and over again, they looked to Rubbersidewalks Inc. to provide a surface made of recycled tires, able to stand up to keg beatings for years to come. Assuming that local Iowa State University students will continue drinking beer for a long time, the rubberized sidewalk should pay off. [via Super Punch] Related: Group of College... More

Group of College Presidents Wants to Lower Drinking Age to 18

©iStockPhoto/pederk College presidents from some well-known U.S. universities are lobbying lawmakers to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18. The current restriction, they say, encourages binge-drinking, which has become a problem as of late in college towns. The thinking is that exposing students to alcohol consumption at a younger age will allow them to acclimate to drinking before they get to campus and "freak out," as one student quoted in the article put it. MADD, unsurprisingly, opposes the whole idea, citing studies that show that raising the age from 18 to 21 actually saved lives, albeit from drunk-driving accidents rather than the alcohol-poisoning deaths administrators are trying to curtail.... More

College Dining Halls Go Upscale to Lure Students

New York Times College kids at Virginia Tech have a wood-burning pizza oven in the West End Market dining hall there. It's part of an overall trend among some schools to lure picky eaters to the admissions office. “I didn’t apply to Bates, because, well, I ate there, the meal was not very good,” said Lucas Braun, a 17-year-old senior at Westtown School, outside of Philadelphia, who has been accepted at several colleges in the Northeast. “There’s something subliminal from the food you see in the dining hall and the meal they give you that influences your decision.” Virginia Tech and Bowdoin College are the two schools that have routinely topped the dining list in a guide called The... More

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