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Are You Swayed By Fancy Liquor Bottles?

We've been trying more than a little tequila this week as we tried to find the best examples of both blanco tequila, and aged sipping tequilas. One surprise benefit: these bottles have definitely classed up the look of our liquor shelf. They're pretty beautiful: the chiseled edge of Herradura with its logo embossed in a horseshoe pattern, the Art Deco style of Gran Centenario, the jewel-like orb of Partida...they're bottles that make us want to start a collection. Have you ever chosen a bottle of liquor because of its gorgeous bottle? Do you save old bottles because they look good? More

A Look Into a 3,000-Piece Lunch Box Collection

When you visit music store Melodies & Memories in Eastpointe, Michigan, make sure to get a look at owner Dan Zieja's collection of 3,000 lunch boxes in addition to browsing the CDs. For those who can't visit, Wired's photography blog Raw File provides this gallery of select lunch boxes with accompanying lunch box history, from 1935's first licensed character lunch box featuring Mickey Mouse, to the end of the lunch box "golden era" in 1987 when plastic replaced metal. [Photograph: Jim Merithew / Wired.com] More

Collection of Stuck Tic Tacs

[Photographs: Flip Flop Flyin'] Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Flyin collects many things that you do not, such as stuck Tic Tacs. Revel in their sad existence of confinement that no amount of hard shaking can free them from. [via presurfer] Related: Weird Food-Related Collections... More

Weird Food-Related Collections

This is my collection of international Coke cans. (What, is that weird?) It's the kind of relic from my childhood that I forget about, now living three thousand miles from the house I grew up in, until I walk into my bedroom and realize—oh, right—one entire wall is lined with cans of Coke. The collection started when I was about nine years old. My family was flying back from the East Coast, and my older brother realized that the soda a flight attendant had brought him had a German label. That familiar Coca-Cola can—but in a different language! Awesome, I said to myself. I bought that can off him for a dollar. (My ever-entrepreneurial brother let me have nothing... More

Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers Club

Example of "tallboys" and "huggers" from the Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers Club For some reason I feel better knowing that such a thing as the Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers Club exists. Although the website doesn't look like it's been redesigned since the mid-90s, it's up to date; there's information about their upcoming convention this July in Knoxville, Tennessee, and you can check out recent photos of shakers in their newsletter. Brush up on your shaker lingo with this handy guide to shaker designs (I'm a fan of the "huggers"). If you feel at home while browsing the site, joint the club! Related Salt-n-Pepa Salt and Pepper Shakers Cute Salt and Pepper Shakers How to Make Nesting Doll... More

The Condiment Packet Gallery

The Condiment Packet Gallery is the result of Chris Harne's attempt to collect every type of condiment packet design imaginable. If you want to help him out, send him a packet that doesn't already exist in his 700+ packet collection and he'll give you a free Condiment Gallery pin! [via Coudal Partners]... More

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