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Hot Slaw Dogs

They always say living in the summertime is easy. Same goes for recipe development. Summer recipes tend to fall into two buckets: fresh produce very simply prepared, and backyard classics. So what makes recipe writing easy? Because pick any two things from within the same buckets, and chances are the flavors and the spirit are going to go well together. Case in point: cole slaw and hot dogs. More

The Food Lab: How To Make the Best Creamy Cole Slaw

I can't say that I grew up eating cole slaw, nor was it love at first taste. In fact, I didn't truly start loving cole slaw until I tasted the excellent version that Barbara Lynch makes at her B&G Oysters in Boston's South End. Rather than soupy or gloppy with excess mayonnaise, the slaw there is tangy and fresh, with just a hint of creaminess to bind it together. That's what we're after in this week's Food Lab. More

Slaw Dogs with Mustard

To top my slaw dog, I wanted a coleslaw that was assertive—crunchy, acidic—but not aggressive. Basically, I wanted something more than the standard blended mess you can get at the grocery store, but nothing that would detract from the hot dog underneath. More

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